пилинг лицаCosmetic peeling on the one hand, this is just the removal of the top layer of the skin, however, the effect of which have these procedures are comparable to those of other, more complex in conducting techniques. The results of any of peelings are explained very simply: damaged skin begins to actively defend themselves, again increasing its frame, stronger and more elastic than the former. Face peeling – the basis not just of youth, but also the everyday beauty of the skin.

The term «peeling» comes from the English verb to peel – «make a skin». Of course, not all peels give deterrent effect of the removed skin (like a deep phenol), but the first time after the procedure will have to wait until the complete healing, so it’s worth taking a weekend or a vacation at work.

There are three main types of peels person: mechanical, hardware and chemical. Mechanical peeling is done manually or with a brush (microdermabrasion). Under hardware understand ultrasonic peeling and laser – they affect the skin radiation, penetrating to a certain depth, stimulating the recovery of the epidermis. In the basis of a chemical peel is the application to the skin of chemicals with varying degrees of impact. Distinguish surface, medium and deep chemical peels.


Mechanical face peeling

The easiest peeling is the treatment of skin with the help of cosmetic scrub with abrasive particles. Home exfoliation ready scrub or independently prepared mixture, for example, on the basis of ground coffee is available for all face cleaning method. During home peeling removes dead skin particles are opened pimples, skin gets breath, smoothed. Of course, self exfoliation does not give the results that guarantees cabin peels.

Microdermabrasion – the procedure is somewhat painful, but effective. Modern microdermabrasion is a mechanical grinding skin produced apparatus with the manipulation, on which is placed the tip. Through it on the surface of the skin from the unit served under the pressure of abrasive mixture with micro-crystals. Instead of crystals of aluminum, used in devices for microdermabrasion past generations, modern often used with polishing tips diamond products. Microdermabrasion is used to lighten age spots, smoothing of the skin surface, removal of scars, scars, stretch marks, very effectively demonstrates this technique for the treatment of acne and skin regeneration after him.

You should not seek to microdermabrasion people with injuries of the skin, cuts, open markets, гнойничками, herpes, diabetes, high sensitivity, dry skin.


Hardware face peeling

Apparatus pedicure is the modern alternative to mechanical contact, as established itself as a low-impact and gentle.

Small wrinkles, small scars after acne, mild hyperpigmentation, uneven tone and dullness – indications for laser peeling. The laser beam penetrates into deeper layers of the epidermis and causes evaporation of tissues, literally burning them. The skin begins to active recovery, which comes from the depth on the surface, regenerate tissues, the skin becomes smooth and elastic, acquires an even tone and radiance.

Ultrasound peeling of face, perhaps, is the most sparing procedure in this category. During ultrasonic peeling skin contact blade, which also provides the ultrasonic wave of a certain frequency. It penetrates the skin and makes a massage of tissues and cells that meet the intensification of the processes of metabolism. The undoubted advantages of the procedure – no injuries, painlessness, among the disadvantages are the least noticeable results. This peeling is recommended to restore healthy-looking skin during its high fat content, enlarged pores, scars after acne in case that other methods are contraindicated. Despite the careful work of the ultrasonic wave is not as harmless as it may seem, therefore, such peeling is contraindicated not only when the wounds on the skin, but also in infectious diseases, pregnancy, paralysis of the facial nerves, acne with гнойничками.


Types of chemical peels

Multilateral action of chemical peels makes them almost universal cosmetic procedure that can be accessed by the patient of different ages, with different problems. Needs only to choose the type of peeling and compound for the treatment of skin that is suitable in each case. The choice is quite big – chemical peels are divided into three large family. Surface, the median (middle) and deep peeling.

The most gentle on the level of exposure and diverse composition – surface peeling, which you can access fearlessly on a regular basis. Enzyme peeling suitable even for sensitive skin but if you need a major correction, for example, visible facial wrinkles, you can refer to the peeling trichloroacetic acid. Phenol peels (similar to deep skin burns of the third degree) is shown in adulthood and to correct serious scars on the face and on the body.

Contraindications to the chemical peelings approximately the same as in other species, but also to exclude the possibility of allergies to any particular component of the composition.

Any facial peels best done in a season of reduced solar activity (fall) to the cold season, the skin had time to fully recover, experiencing the destructive action of ultraviolet radiation. Type of peeling is chosen depending on the individual characteristics and indications.

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