кремы для лицаIs it possible to do without a face cream? Of course not. Perhaps, many women do, doing routine washing means and home cooking. Ignoring the finished cosmetic product and the need for its regular use and selection on a number of distinct characteristics lead to skin problems. They may occur earlier or later, it all depends on natural data, but what they overtaken careless adherents of naturalness, no doubt. Facial creams is the basic cosmetic needs of the skin, so it should be carefully selected and constantly apply.


Face creams on the age and type

Age category is one of the determining factors that influence the choice of the cream. Differences funds for youth from creams designed for more Mature women, undoubtedly large, and they should not be neglected. They concern both the texture and composition, which at any age is aimed at solving various problems, which are peculiar to it.

  • The purity and freshness

During adolescence because of hormonal changes the body skin produces excessive amounts of fat due to overactive sebaceous glands. Creams for teenagers often have very light texture that do not contain oils that promote the growth of bacteria and causing acne. One means to do is problematic, so you should choose a set for the care of young skin.

It should be a cream that combines several properties: anti-bacterial, soothing, moisturizing, Mat. As it would be desirable to dry oily skin, it is impossible to refuse from moisture, because dehydrated skin at a young age will not eliminate problems, but will add them. Choose creams with salicylic acid, zinc, aloe Vera, calendula and other medicinal additives.

  • Youth retention

From 20 to 30 years for the skin at the time of the flowering of beauty. Acne must be treated, wrinkles yet. Goal – to support its youth as long as possible, eliminating signs of stress and lack of sleep. Moisturizer should be mandatory companion morning ritual of beauty, but in addition to saturation and moisture retention, this tool can solve other problems. For dry and sensitive skin is to choose hypoallergenic cream with light oil and hyaluronic acid, if you have an oily T-zone, you need a cream with combined action, moisturizing and matting different areas of the face. For normal skin for high quality moisturizer with antioxidants, which supports the skin smooth and elastic, delaying the aging process.

If there are minor flaws tone that you want to adjust, you can choose a moisturizer with a light toning effect, which is much easier than classical tone. Cream with reflective particles will be useful to owners of the dull, tired skin, as well as women who already first signs of aging in the form of a net of wrinkles around the eyes.


Face creams for different seasons

The skin needs vary with changing of the seasons. Climatic characteristics of the off-season is not so critical influence the skin condition as very high or low temperatures. Summer skin needs more light texture, so many women who combination skin move on gel-like tools. In autumn and winter, when a person is constantly exposed to the cold wind, snow, skin needs ultrabasite and nutrition.

  • Winter facial creams

Lately is very popular so-called cold creams (cold – English “cold”). These creams are designed to suit all the needs of the skin in the winter, many brands continue to differentiate our cosmetics on the skin, making cold creams even more in demand.

The most famous of cold creams that have received a high estimation of consumers: ‘avene, Clarins, Emami Malai&Kesar, Pond’s, Ayur Herbals, Garnier Nourishing Cold Cream, Kracie Moistage W Cold. These funds are actively protects the skin, confronting its drying, feeding deep inside and moisturizing, restoring the lipid balance.

  • Summer facial creams

Refreshing facial creams for summer period should be moisten the skin, which dries under the influence of high temperature and direct sunlight, but also contain a protection factor SPF. Oily texture creams do not bring comfort, there is a desire to wash in addition, due to sweating on the face skin is formed by the mixture of cream, fat, dust, which is in the air, and decorative cosmetics. All that clog the pores, the skin becomes dull due to impaired breathing. For the summer is better to pick a light cream-gels containing oils. The choice of these funds can not complain about the shortage of suitable cosmetics.

Pick what you like among the following options: Garnier Moisture Rescue, Avon Moisture Boost, Clarins Gel-Creme Tonique fraîcheur Désaltérant, Lierac Aqua D+, Laszlo Bleu Firmarine, Biotherm Aquasource, La Mer (Gel de la Mer), Espa Balancing Complex.


BB-cream – balsams shop new generation

Hydration and nutrition, as well as lots of other useful features, which are connected in a single cream no longer sufficient. New times dictate new conditions, and now care product should not only give moisture and velvety, but also to deal with imperfections.

Many have heard of this tool as BB-cream but not all still understand its features. BB cream is a complete cosmetic multifaceted actions. BB is the abbreviation of the term Blemich Balm, although many believe that this Beauty Balm. But true both because BB-creams protect skin, hiding her shortcomings, serving excellent Foundation, moisturizing and nourishing, protecting it from harmful UV radiation, that is, combining advantages of several cosmetic means.

Today, more and more brands produced BB-creams. Examples of the most famous and recognized experts and buyers: Vichy Neovadiol Lumiere, Smashbox Camera Ready, Clinique Age of Defense, West Lauder DayWear, Marcelle, Garnier Skin Renew, Annabelle BB Cream, MAC Prep+Prime, Olay Fresh Effect, Your, Maybelline Dream Fresh, Dior Hydra Life.

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