накладные ресницыFalse eyelashes – a makeup accessory that makes the look more vivid and expressive. The procedure of gluing false eyelashes takes experience and a certain technique. You can paste them yourself on open or closed eyes or ask someone you know for help.


Huge selection of false lashes

False eyelashes Red Cherry 601 is slightly longer in the center than in the outer corner of the eye, which gives them a natural look. Eyelashes are very thin so easy to blend with natural lashes. Eyelashes Red Cherry 601 is not very long, they just make the look more expressive.

False eyelashes 803 de Quo have a very good quality. They are not very long, easy to attach with transparent tape.

Eyelashes Ardell 318 d are overlaid semi-natural lashes. Thanks to their wing shape, you can easily make the eyes almond shaped. They are comfortable and they are very easy to glue.

R210 version Personnelle de – lashes are fairly thick. They are ideal for those women who want to give your lashes volume, while maintaining a natural effect.

False eyelashes Lash Me Up from Hazia Lashes made from cloth ferret, so they give your lashes silky. Eyelashes very long, slightly crossed among themselves and very thin at the tips. This option is more suitable for parties.

From Ardell 120 Demi original form that reminds the wings. Eyelashes are pretty long and slightly crossed among themselves. They are not too thick, easy to attach and very comfortable to wear.


How to paste false eyelashes

Remove the lashes from its case, then to a fabric strip at the base of the eyelashes, apply a special glue. Attach them to the base of the lashes from the center to the outer corner of the eye. White eyeliner will give the look of depth and expressiveness. Apply it along the contour of the upper eyelashes, and then apply it with a sponge. Instead of eyeliner you can use a white pencil, it is more practical and convenient to use.

If you don’t want to waste time in front of a mirror, sticking false eyelashes, alternatively you can offer a permanent or semi-permanent false eyelashes. These lashes are glued to the base of the natural lashes. The permanent gluing of the eyelashes is usually carried out in beauty salons. The procedure lasts one to two hours.

There are several ways of gluing permanent or semi-permanent eyelashes. If you want to touch up the lash line in certain places and to make the look more expressive, you will approach the so-called effect of beam eyelashes. If you have a desire to increase the length of eyelashes, it is better to resort to overhead in the form of eyelash fringe. Besides, sometimes you just need to perform the correction of lashes, as false lashes can fall out with the natural one.


Makeup on the eyelashes invoices

To apply mascara on false eyelashes is much more difficult. False eyelashes are resistant to water, sweat and tears. You can swim, exercise, take a shower without fear that the lashes will fall off.

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