Proximity of Finland to the Russian Federation gives a great opportunity to take a few days off abroad. It is not necessary to long journeys and flights – just a few hours, and you can enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Lapland.
Увлекательный отдых в Финляндии1
The main condition for a country visit – visa to Finland, with the receipt of which is usually not a problem. For its acquisition of the Consulate and visa centers provide the package of documents, list of which you can find at these institutions.

In winter especial popularity family holiday in Kemi. Here are erected each winter snow Palace, which attracts a lot of tourists. For its construction is used snow and large chunks of ice, including dry. Annually the architectural solution of the Palace changed, so every time he is interesting. Special attention is paid to children’s rest, they have slides, rides and sculptures of fairy-tale heroes.

For women it would be interesting to do in their free time entertainment shopping. More often for these purposes is chosen Helsinki with its supermarkets Kampii and Jumbo conveniently located for visiting the Russian tourists. In the city Лаппереенранта, located most closely to the border with Russia, popular shopping centers, Armada and Family Center, surrounded by many small shops. The Family Center provide a service for the care of the children while the mothers are shopping at shops in the complex. The city of Turku mostly go to buy food.
Увлекательный отдых в Финляндии3
In all cities of Finland arranged seasonal sales, when you can with big discounts buy children’s goods, clothing, footwear.
Combining shopping with active rest, for example, going closer to the North pole, on the ski resorts of Ruka and Kuusamo, you can get a lot of pleasure from spent vacation.

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