мода 40-х годовNo fun can’t last forever, abundance replaced deficit, wealth is often gives place to poverty. A good illustration of this statement can serve as a 40-ies of the twentieth century: after the «roaring twenties» and feminine thirties, when the fashion started to reveal new war had begun, and everything changed needs of beauty and decoration of the image overshadowed. But it is lack of often gives birth to creativity, the results of which are included into the history. It happened with the fashion of the 40s.


The transition from the thirties

The thirties in the fashion associated with the Golden age of Hollywood and its luxury and unambiguous glamour. This is the era of cinema development, when were awarded the first «Oscars», appeared the first television sets, and ordinary women, who previously could only watch on each other, now admired the images of film stars. Who could take the example of Hollywood celebrities, trying even simple dresses decorate improvised elements – buttons, jabot, ruffles, bow. It was the epoch of blossoming of femininity, which was freed from corsets, giving the beautiful sex breathe. But war broke out in 1939, and fashionable fervor was severely cooled.

Industry began to work on providing the front with everything necessary, no silk and ruches more could not be and speeches. Yes, and for whom to adorn themselves, if men were called to war, and the women went to the concerns are more serious than thinking the evening attire or a selection of fashion handbags under a new dress. On both sides of the Atlantic has fallen on hard times, but in women of any age acted single rule that spurred to work on their appearance: the worse times, the better to look. This was the case in the forties.



Military style predictably became dominant, not only for men but also for women. The military was present everywhere: blouses, dresses, coats, raincoats had style, reminiscent of the military form, but with an indispensable adjusted for femininity. The latter was expressed in elevated hangers, has taken on the shape of «lanterns», narrow waist and a slightly extended skirt, length up to the knee and down below. After the age of fabrics with Golden glow came into fashion khaki, who was also a striking symbol of the deep-seated style military.

One of the most useful acquisitions fashion forties was a dress-shirt, which combines features of the feminine style and comfort, which were required to answer all the trends of that period. Forgetting about luxury silk for a woman to wear simple gowns from insulating fabrics, comfortable dresses, costumes, pencil skirts, which combine with nylon stockings and shoes with low heels of wood.



Equipment was not used genuine leather, which was required for military purposes, but women can gladly wore things from new tissue – corduroy, nylon, leatherette, of felt. Hats that were emblematic part of the 20’s and 30’s, 40’s almost completely disappeared from everyday wardrobe, because their production was expensive and few people available. They were replaced by a democratic shawls, knitted berets. Knitted things like clothes and accessories were at a premium, because their women to knit themselves, not referring to the help of dressmakers and fashion designers.

The image of women

France in the twentieth century was ahead of the whole planet on the part of the proclamation of fashion trends. Has not changed the situation and in wartime: occupied country was left without Gabrielle Chanel and Elsa Schiaparelli, who hurriedly emigrated, but other large houses continued to work, however, adjusted to the requirements of reigning Nazi culture with its vision impeccable women – economic mother. Thanks to that imposed by the trend was born person forties fashion, which is so valued in the twenty-first century. Rural motives, dresses in a small flower knee-length, hairstyles ASTL with her and curled roller ago zone near the temples and forehead image that inspired women, thumbed fashion magazines of that time.


New Look

After the end of the war took time to the world stood on his feet and breathed in deeply. People are tired not only from war, they are tired of poverty and General scarcity. Taking it as a challenge, a young French designer Christian Dior in 1947 presented to the public an innovative concept called the New Look. It was really a new image, which made a revolution in international fashion. Dior inspired by the images of the past, but not forced women wearing tight corsets.

He brought to the fore the impermeability, which this time was only benefit the female figure, because underlined its natural charms, embodied in the silhouette of the hourglass. New Look from Dior was a set of tight jackets and skirts, bell, complementary to the image of his wide-brimmed hat rigid form. Dresses in the style of the New Look had a deep cut V-shaped form, jackets were fitted with a rigid peplum, skirts could be both domed and direct.

This distinguishing note, Christian Dior closed the topic of the crisis fashion 40s and opened it a new page, and a door to a new era of – school dizzying femininity and sexuality.

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