Модные аксессуары от GuessAny fashionable clothes are not up to the end of the beat image, if not will be complemented by the necessary accessories.

Cute little things are the closing link, which give the appearance of perfection and uniqueness. Therefore, all of the designers paid a considerable attention to the development of accessories.

Fashionable American brand Guess was released autumn collection of accessories, which have been demonstrated models Sandra Хелберг, Kate Upton and Gabriela Читри.

Bright design and leopard picture adorns not only fashionable clothes Guess, and submitted this brand shoes, hats, jewelry, scarves and handbags.

Now as was commented this collection Floors Марсиано, one of the leading founders of this company: «This collection reveals the essence Guess.

Everyone be able to see the true face of the Guess girl. But by and large, it is different boldness, courage, independence, but sometimes don’t mind to fool around and попроказничать».

Presented accessories Guess collection are full of анималистическими patterns. But beyond that, gladden the eye with their extraordinary beauty glamorous bracelets, consisting of several rows of strands of pearls, chains, pendants, necklaces, distinguished by their length, all sorts of jewelry depicting the hearts and stars, glasses with colored frame or executed by a principle «cat’s eye».

One cannot resist the stylish clock with gilded silver. And I’d like to say about the submitted Guess bags.

Особенности коллекции Guess

Сумочная extravaganza Guess

Branded company managed to please women not only sexual «pins», but also fashionable handbags, which are imbued with all the hottest trends of the new season.

Famous brand created the essential accessories that in addition to the attractive design also features / functionality. Bags Guess quite practical and comfortable – their volume «the child» will be fit not only purse or telephone, but also many other things necessary to the woman. These bags are endowed with extraordinary elegance and femininity, therefore, is sure to please even the most demanding fashionistas.

In the autumn collection of accessories fashion brand Guess United have long loved by all the classics and topical trends that are currently occupy a leading position in the fashion and beauty industries.

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