модные платья на выпускнойFashion is changeable, and a tradition for a long time remain unaffected. This applies prom dresses, which from year to year retain the same traits that they had a few years ago. But fashion trends don’t pass by this area, and each new spring-summer season, which typically accounts for the prom, shops replenished models with relevant at this point features.

Fashion dresses for prom is the dress of fabrics, stylish prints, popular in the season, interesting models with a bold cut, which just came into Vogue, with decorative details, which became a hit at the last fashion weeks.


Asymmetric dress

In high esteem by the designers asymmetry, which finds itself in a fashion on prom dresses. Especially advantageous look model with asymmetric bodice, in which one shoulder, which stretches from him to the opposite shoulder, forming the diagonal line on the decollete. Flowers and bows can be attached to the side of the waist or bodice, longitudinal stripes, lined with crystals or sequins are not in the Central part, and closer to the sides.

Asymmetrical cut, in addition to making dresses interesting design, has another distinct advantage. It allows to distract the mind from an imperfect shapes, shifting accents. For this reason, fashion dress on prom asymmetric cut is recommended to choose the girls who would like to disguise wide waist or big hips.



Hi lo is a model of dresses, which is present and a short skirt and length of plume or more upper skirt. Using hi-lo dresses for your prom can be transformed in a coquettish fashionista, selects the sophistication and femininity which gives the length, and also sexual playfulness mini-skirts.

These dresses are good for girls who want to demonstrate beautiful legs, but do not want to be limited to a short skirt.


Red and pink

Red dress – classic for any celebration, and sin not to use all the luxury and выразтельность this color for prom. At present in the catalogues of the prom dresses are different shades of red, from delicate coral, rolling in cold scarlet or intense fire red, which is impossible to ignore.

Pink dress typical of girlish style, which is called the style of Barbie. It cannot be argued that many girls prefer to prom style of Barbie, but from pink to give up his fans are not in a hurry. The dress can be very gentle, barely noticeable candy pink and saturated shade of fuchsia.

Usually red and pink fabric require very careful attitude to design that prevents the limits in design.


Shades of blue

Blue color for several seasons firmly embedded in the ranks must have for summer outfits. For those who are in awe of blue, offers a huge variety of its shades in prom dresses. Blue may be noble, radiant electric, pastel, very bright blue, cobalt or Indigo – choose your blue for prom dresses and be irresistible at the ball.


Dress Greek goddess

Greek style are important not only for wedding, but for prom dresses. He loved girls of different complexion thanks to the ability to hide the shortcomings of the magnificent forms and visually add the missing volumes for those who would like to look more фигуристыми and feminine. Secret Greek style in the draperies dress that is sewed of soft flowing materials.

Greek dress can be of any color, the model is subordinated to this style in whole or in him : refers only characteristically decorated bodice with a Golden girdle and straps.


«Metal» slug

This is a relatively new word gala dresses, and it has a loud sounds, manifesting itself in different styles. Sometimes in order to be beautiful on the final ball, just choose a dress that has a wider or more delicate оторочку on neckline models bustier, waist or on the edge of the skirt, straps or on the bodice. Very popular dresses with finishing crystals, sequins and gold Lee silver shades. They instantly transform plain clothes, giving them a glamorous chic and luxurious look. And the advantage of this decoration is the relevance of absolutely any textures and shades of fabrics.



Contrary to popular opinion that fashionable prom dress should be uniform, designers gradually enter fashion for bright model, which played a truly summer patterns, psychedelic prints, holographic motives, flower patterns. Prom is a holiday, so you can dress afford to be noticeable, original, luxurious. Choose the print, that you like. Of the novelties 2012 peculiar honor uses leopard picture of prom dresses.

Of course, all these features are optional and may not even be desirable to combine in one dress, trying to find as more current model. Listen to your own taste, make a start from the peculiarities of his silhouette, which imposes a veto on some models, permitting others. Be attentive and open to reasonable experiments with his image.


The charm of youth

Traditionally graduate wore dresses bright colors, symbolizing the purity and freshness. With time this trend somewhat lost its actuality: today’s girls are more likely to choose saturated colors and «adult» styles. And yet, you should not completely abandon the classics – light and light dresses. These outfits are in the collections of many of the leading Fashion Houses.

The charm of a slender figure and a gentle young skin perfectly accentuate dresses silk chiffon and lace. Styles you can choose a different fashion designers offer classical dress for a cocktail and flying model in Greek style or romantic outfits with ruffles and flounces. Very relevant dresses lace – they can be seductive-sexy or charmingly naive in retro style. Charming look and long dresses from flowing silk.

Shades is desirable to choose the light. Boil-and-white dress better leave brides and for the prom ideal color of champagne and ivory, cream, peach, pink, Golden-yellow, pale-green, light blue and violet.

Accessories you can pick up in the same colour scheme as the dress, or contrast. Sparkling shoes or a brilliant clutch will give elegance even the most modest dress style. And to dresses complex cut is better to choose accessories modest. Also, you should not overload the image, complementing lace dress lace bag and delicate shoes – in this case much more effective will look accessories of the same color as the dress but a different texture.


Precious glow or graceful modesty

Sparkle is one of the main trends of the season. Elegant prom dress should sparkle, sparkle and Shine. Suit fabrics with lurex, shining brocade, sequins, embroidery with beads, rhinestones all colors and sizes. This does not necessarily make Shine all dress – it is enough if the sparkling ornaments will only be located in the upper part of the dress or any of its individual parts.

Shiny outfits like first of all to the girls with a slender figure. Not a secret, that Shine visually increases the volume, so those who consider their waist too wide and hips too massive, such dresses are not suitable. A tribute to the fashion trends by selecting shiny accessories or decorate shiny decorations only straps, cut dresses and other small details.

Much less demanding to the figure of the classical black toilets. In a fashion not only нестареющее little black dress straight silhouette, but different variations on this theme, for example, black dress with a full skirt, tight outfits without shoulder straps, asymmetric black dresses. Decorate these dresses can be subject to the main fashion tendencies – I wonder will look brilliant details or lace inserts.

When choosing accessories to the black dress you can unleash the imagination: to such dresses are perfect shoes and handbags, clutches saturated colors, for example, dark red, violet, emerald-green, cobalt. Do not forget about gold and silver accessories that give a festive sound any toilet.

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