Women around the world love to adorn themselves with rings, necklaces, bracelets and, of course, earrings. Every day an increasing popularity of costume jewelry. These products are not very high price and have the same view as jewelry counterparts, and they immediately loved the ladies of all ages.
In every city there is a company or the specialized departments of the shopping centers that offer a wide selection of earrings and other jewelry. Additionally, each person has an opportunity without leaving home, look into the network Internet, which abounds in virtual shops that wish to feature earrings and other high quality wholesale costume jewelry and retail.
Модные серьги 2014.1
Earrings – favourite decoration of every woman, because they always focus on the face. However, it should be chosen wisely to emphasize, and not to spoil beauty.

This year the designers have focused on каффах. This is a special product, which are in the ears (it does not require punctures and decorates not only earlobe, and his whole path). Designers have released каффы with large elements that imitate precious stones. They look originally due to their size and colors, does not pulling my earlobes. The most fashionable will каффы in the form of various snakes, animals, signs of the Zodiac with inserts of crystals and stones.

Another leader of 2014 will earrings-chandeliers, Oriental style, will also be in favor big earrings in the form of rings and massive earrings-crosses.
Модные серьги 2014.
Some designers distinguished special earrings in style «glam-rock» and «punk». They are designed to be worn in one ear and abound elements long and sharp thorns.
As a working variant of the popular remained stud earrings, but this variant of designers greatly increased in size and gave a whimsical contours.
In General, all the fashion earrings future will be large size, bold shapes and bright colors that will make the life of every woman novelty items, bright spice and exotics. Any lady in such jewelry is always the center of attention.

Article publication date: November 3, 2013

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