мода на открытый животModern youth is hard to imagine that once the navel was considered perhaps the most intimate area of the body. Bare belly in humans was unacceptable, even husband could never see the navel of his counterpart. But now, when the bare belly is quite a natural fashion event, same as usual exposure to the knees, back and chest. Fashion for outdoor belly was born just three decades ago, and during that time managed to endure a lot of changes.

Open stomach in the summer, when there tight abs and a desire to demonstrate his sex appeal, not just permissible. In our days young girls not to do so strange, especially if the navel is decorated with stylish shining piercings.


Combating prejudices

Nude broad strip of the body shocked the beaches of the fifties, when just only came into fashion bikini – first separate bathing suits. Prior to this, women were wearing swimwear fused and even on the beach not afford so unequivocally stripped himself. When the bikini only came in a massive fashion, they went as a huge number of fans, and the army haters. The American beaches of the women who allow themselves to show others their navels, ardent conservatives in the realm of fashion have been awarded unflattering epithets. Such freedom-loving ladies were considered to be loose, but only till the moment these swimsuits are not won the American and world public as a whole.

In the sixties girl opened legs and stomachs were chastely covered dresses without the waist, in the following decades naked belly also there was no place, but it was the calm before the storm. The eighties were the era in which blatant demonstration of sexuality and its proclamation of any convenient methods that are increasingly combined in one piece of clothing. It was wearing tight shiny synthetic fabrics, vinyl and leather, which has found its niche exposure of the abdomen.


Retro era outcrops

The eighties and nineties became the heyday of the fashion outdoor stomach. Opened, the different types of service. These were and sports topics of spandex wide straps, like modern sports bras, more elegant shirts with thin straps. Often, such an outcrop looked vulgar, because such details top combined with dangerous bottom – bright synthetic leggings, who emphasized all the roundness of the shape. A pinch of spice in this explosive fashion added Madonna, which made her stage follows a combination of bare belly, fluffy skirt grid and pointed bra created for her Jean Paul Gaultier. Of course, the trend picked up thousands of her fans, who created sexually aggressive image.

In the nineties fashion was less hectic and a bit more restrained. Open the bellies were, but now they have started shamefully hide behind jackets, jackets, shirts. In the middle of the decade, the trend was fuelled by a group Spice Girls, where participants everything matching wore short t – shirts-who in sports style, who elegant or more calling and open.

The apotheosis of this style was wearing colored bras with capes, jackets, джинсовками. The era of rave and synth-pop soon came to an end, and with it the girl covered belly, as if suddenly frightened by his outcrops. But the trend is not gone forever, and half ten years, he re-surfaced on the fashion runways, to the great joy of the new generation.


New fashion for outdoor belly

The next round of fashion on the outcrop belly emerged at the end of the first decade of «zero». It was very carefully, for mass fashion almost imperceptibly. When on the podiums returned the eighties, as a model of the newly opened bellies. «The first swallow» was the return of the so-called crop tops – jackets and t-shirts that hardly covered chest and not облегали figure. Mass invasion open belly as trend had to wait until 2012. Designers have borrowed some of the features of the retro-era, but not without its trendy innovations.

Outdoor belly himself became a fashionable accessory in the image, and his presence seems justified and does not cause any questions. Fashion for outdoor stomach no longer is outrageous and not persuasive, as it was once. Now she’s modest and respectful attitude to a woman’s figure. One of the important features of the new fashion exposure – outdoor area of the belly of dresses, which had not been able to see. In the rest of the observed restraint and calm.

Outdoor navel no longer coexists with aggressive mesh skirts-packs, torn tights or clinking косухами. Couturier elegantly fit this trend in laconic evening gowns, sets with direct pencil skirts, and the upper part of the body is covered with a classic jackets or elegant jackets.

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