модные джинсы 2015Fashion jeans 2015 will not disappoint you with a range of models, many of which this year appeared and attracted attention for the first time. Jeans are still one of the most popular parts everyday wardrobe, the basic thing that you can easily fit both the casual and more formal options daily and even office style. Among fashionable jeans, you can find jeans for everyday wear that are easy to combine with any variation of the top, and the original version of denim pants, which will become the base part of your image, and it’s highlight.


Jeans pantaloons

джинсы-кюлоты 2015Jeans pantaloons are denim trousers length to about mid-calf, very wide but not baggy and not flowing. In the basic model of Kulatov implies a rather rigid style that emphasizes their newfangled design which only becomes relevant. They can be called a modern version of the skirt-pants, but denim, and under a new name.

Jeans pantaloons can be worn with caution. Because stressed shortened length and width they make the legs and the shorter silhouette that puts in a bad light girls low growth and with a full figure. If you have purchased fashionable pantaloons, combine them with heels and stylish shoes in men’s style only possible for tall girls.


Jeans slim

джинсы слим 2015Of course, it’s hard to call jeans slim fashion innovation, because this model enjoys overwhelming demand among young people for many years. But this year, some change their way. From form-fitting jeans they become stressed close, completely merging with the figure.

Of course, this is a dangerous model of jeans for girls with imperfect forms, and therefore need to wear them only fashionistas with perfect figure, combining with different types of shoes – from sneakers to wedges to boots on a flat course and classic shoes-boats.


Ripped jeans

рваные джинсы 2015Numerous holes throughout the area of the jeans are at the peak of demand in 2015. The most current model – light blue jeans slim moderately adjoining silhouette. Meet and ripped jeans Boyfriends, and other spacious shape of these pants, but overall tends to moderate the dirt, which with the help of provinnosti denim is enough to keep the silhouette classic.


Skinny jeans

зауженные джинсы 2015This can be a model carrot, cargo, jeans, bananas and other well-established fashion names that have one thing in common. Jeans, deliberately loose or baggy at the waist and buttocks are narrowed down, reaching up to the ankles or stopping in length just above. The Trouser leg can end sewing stitching, and then the model looks neat, but can take in the trendy lapel, which perfectly matches all requirements youth relaxed casual style.

Skinny jeans are good for girls with slender forms, if you had a big buttock and wide hips, your forms in these jeans will become even more pronounced.


Jeans with arrows

джинсы со стрелками 2015This is another relatively new model of jeans, which was not so widespread and numerous in collections, as it is in 2015. Jeans dark smooth material gain neat arrow, and by the texture of claiming a complete replacement for the classic women’s business pants. From them the jeans with arrow differ, perhaps, one important feature is the shortened design of the pants that make them less formal.

Jeans with arrow perfectly written off in style chic-casual, they can easily be combined with jackets, business jackets, strict blouses, with a feminine carrying boats with sharp Mikami or stylish soft loafers.


Baggy jeans or pipe

джинсы трубы 2015This trend is not entirely new, but one of the most popular. And on the runway, and in fashion catalogs, and in reviews of street style, you can see a lot of girls in a wide baggy jeans, which are sometimes completely hide the shoes. In such images, which worldwide is drifting memories about fashion of the seventies, all the emphasis shifted to the legs, so you should not wear them together original cut blouse or wide shapeless tops. Clothing for the upper body must be adjoining silhouette.

To wear very wide baggy jeans is recommended for tall girls, because if you are low, your body will become squat, especially if there is fullness.


Jeans military style

джинсы в стиле милитари 2015Military style in 2015 has become one of the leading clothing and accessories. In jeans this style is manifested mainly by the presence of several large gold buttons down the front on the abdomen and side. These jeans are well combined with concise versions of the top, smooth blouses and tops and jackets and blazers in style officer’s uniform.

If you don’t want to do it their way fully paramilitary, discard it from the top, wear with jeans military style smooth knit sweater. As accessories goes with pointy boots and bag-messenger rigid design.


Jeans with contrast materials

джинсы с контрастными материалами 2015Jeans have become more diverse, they include different styles, colors and even materials. The latter can be present only as an extra, because otherwise the jeans will cease to be jeans pants denim. But to give them the stylish charm of carelessness, jeans do with patches or even trousers with two contrasting materials and even colors.

To the denim adds a smooth textile fabric, corduroy, plain or patterned material, which becomes the focus of the image. The safest option for these trendy jeans – the combination in one model denim in different colors and textures in the form of patches. So on the podium were presented jeans of blue denim with patches of dark blue denim, the model of “cooked” denim, which wedged pieces from classic smooth denim.

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