In the summer of glasses save from the sun, and in the winter rescued from the bright spots on the snow, and they will help when we had no time for makeup, they are necessary to every woman.

If you decide to buy glasses that will be the trend in 2014, then you should already know.
Модные модели очков в 2014 году
Sunglasses Aviator for several seasons are not inferior to their positions. Dark glasses, a stylish setting everything you need in order to look beautiful and fashionable.

The stylish and beautiful glasses that look like a butterfly’s wing should also pay attention to the beautiful half of mankind. Unsurpassed designer Christian Dior such a model demonstrated on the podium.

The trend, which is not inferior to their positions glasses in the cat’s frame. They give to an image incredible colouring sly kitties.

Round glasses were also present in the collections of many designers. Special nonstandard they have the Phillip Lim. In addition to the forms they have contrasting colors and diversity of coverage (transparent and white material, black lens).

Huge points at the half of the face in the new season will be lower. Their sizes are much more modest. However, their color will attract attention – juicy, bright rim will look very organic.

The most fashionable in 2014 will narrow glasses. They are small in size and are represented by such brands as Anna Sui.
Модные модели очков в 2014 году3
Classical, too, without the glasses do not remain. Fashion house of Dior and Chanel. They offer elegant and beautiful sunglasses.
Michael Kors offers to give preference rims in the form of a ski mask, however, when choosing a need to pay attention to style and type of persons with whom they are in harmony.

Remember, whatever points you choose, the main thing is that they underline your individuality.

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