Manicure is not only caring for the nails and coating them with varnish, but the real art. Through manicure women can Express themselves, to do complete your look and stand out.

Every season in the industry of nail care, there is something new and unusual.

Preparing for the presentation here it is necessary to trace not only the quality of visual perception and informational content, it is also important to look collected. Despite the fact that all the attention of the audience should be looking at the quality of the presentation, the image of the narrator must be a business: suits, light makeup removed hair and manicure This creates a business atmosphere and sets up the listeners on a serious footing.

The shape and length of nails

Before you cover the nail plate varnish, it is necessary to treat the nails, trim or push back the cuticle, and the nails to give a certain form.
Stylists are unanimous in that square and sharp predatory nails are gone, in the fashion of the almond-shaped or oval nails.

The length of the nails can be any, although designers offer mainly short and medium options.
Synthetic nails is also best to do the most similar to natural.
We can say, in the trend of naturalness and conciseness.


The most popular flowers in the cold season 2016-2017 will be:

  • white

One of the most trendy shades this season, fashion all the variations, from matte to pearl. Nails white adds airiness and sophistication.

  • grey

This is the most fashionable color of the coming season. Designers offer all shades of metallic grey.

Grey good that can be supplemented with any bright color that will add a manicure attractiveness and expressiveness.

  • red

This classic color never goes out of fashion for several years. Are fashionable scarlet, wine, cherry hues.

Red manicure clearly demonstrates the courage, determination and confidence of his owner.

  • blue and all its shades

Blue moved from the summer season. Great for romantic style and casual.

  • purple

Mysterious, expressive and deep color. Perfect for evening manicure and to dress up in retro style.

  • black

Well suited for manicure with colourful details such as crystals, stones, sequins.

Fashionable prints

  • “French” was, perhaps, a classic.In fashion like the classic “French” coated tip of the nail white varnish and its varieties: “Millennium” (cover the tips of the nails sequins), colored and other.
  • Monochrome manicure.This coating will never go out of fashion. For autumn-winter season is the most suitable soft, but deep colors (brown, Burgundy, grey).
  • Gradient. This season stylists offer manicures, Ombre, i.e. you can combine completely different colors.
  • Geometric patterns. Patterns can be made not on all nails, but only a few. The most important thing that the lines were straight and crisp.
  • Children’s drawings (in the style of naive art)

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