Summer 2015 is rich in unusual trends in manicure. Among them, natural nude manicure, moon manicure, coating molding in the form of mosaics and various patterns. Monochrome manicure bright varnish in the coming season is considered to be the most boring possible option, because there are a lot of other, more interesting ways to decorate your nails!
гель лак для ногтей 3
Products for decorating nails better to buy in shops of professional cosmetics, which presents all for manicure and other salon treatments. Among the assortment you can find long-term coverage, and all sorts of options for nail decoration: rhinestones, beads, stickers, sequins, feathers. Bought in a store for professionals, the products are of the highest quality and meets all safety requirements.
Курсы по маникюру и педикюру 5
Options most relevant manicures are characterized by the simultaneous use of multiple technologies and types of coatings. For example, when a harmonious color combination, can be used applying rhinestones and patterns of color foil. It is important to note that the use of monotonous fancy designs on each nail hands – not in the trend. Now the most important placing bright accents and combining minimalistic coating with an interesting design.
Весенний маникюр: создаем неповторимый образ4
Separately it is necessary to tell and about the moon manicure. This kind of coverage is now at its peak. It is also available in a monochrome version and in multicolor. In the first case, the nail hole is not covered with varnish, the primary color is applied immediately to the base. In the second case, the base color coat stands. Sometimes moon manicure combined with traditional French, which also looks very stylish, but this option requires a certain length of the nails.
Популярные виды маникюра: сезон весна-лето 2015
Foil, allowing to decorate nails “metal” is also very relevant, especially now that it is presented in wide range. You can choose the option in vivid color or stop at traditional gold and silver colours – in any case will be very unusual and attractive manicure.

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