Every self-respecting girl is obliged to look well maintained. This applies not only to clothes, makeup, and nails. It is much nicer to look at a girl with manicured nails, than claws groomed uncircumcised. So in this article I will be told that it is now fashionable in the world of manicure.

What a manicure is now in Vogue?

Manicure has long ceased to be a normal painting of nails, now it can be called the whole art. A properly performed manicure female hands imparts an aesthetic appearance and gives confidence in beauty. Lately, the fashion for manicure is gaining momentum, so the masters have to constantly come up with new types and technology process.
Какой маникюр в моде весной 2016?3

As already it was specified above, the manicure is already not easy painting nails is an art of manicuring. At the beginning of the procedure, it is first necessary to relax the hands. This is done with a special massage. In General, it is recommended to do such a massage regularly. You can make it yourself or use the services of a massage salon. Massage will help relieve tension, relax, stimulate blood circulation to the fingertips.
Какой маникюр в моде весной 2016?2
Now in Vogue, however, as always, naturalness and naturalness. Long pointed nails are not in Vogue. Artificial nails can even now try to do the most natural.
Золотой маникюр3
French manicure is the most popular among women and is already a classic. However, in order to diversify the wizard came up with several varieties. The most popular among them is a colored and fan-French. In the first method the tips of the nails painted the usual white and colored lacquers. The second involves decorating nails with various additional materials: rhinestones, foil, and other things. Also popular non-standard French. The usual “bulge” at the tip of the nail is replaced by a triangular, V-shaped or zigzag pattern.
Что нового в индустрии ногтевого сервиса?3
Monochrome manicure is always attractive to women, because the nails can be painted in any colors. For winter or fall are best suited the pale and cool colors such as black, brown, grey, etc. in spring and Summer, on the contrary, will approach the bright colors.
Гелевые ногти 3
Another popular trend in the world of manicure is the moon manicure. It is the opposite that is French “the arc” is the beginning, not at the tip of the nail. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that two selected contrasting color, and with their help distinguish lenochku nail.

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