What will be the spirits of the summer of 2014? The perfume industry and this year will surprise customers with novelties, which can fully meet the needs of demanding customers.

Bright, seductive and extraordinary fragrances – the choice is great. Among the innovations can be seen as debutants and releases has already become classics of spirits. They, with the light hand of the famous perfumers year after year gain a new life, not parting with their fans. It should be noted that perfume wholesale cheap do consumers, but this option is inappropriate if you want to get only a couple of flavors.

Escada is famous for its sweet floral aromas in a bright and cheerful packages. New perfume with the interesting name Born in Paradise is a series of famous summer scents of the fashion house. The composition of this fragrance will take you into the world of exotic and Sunny nature. A cocktail of various fruits perfectly complement your summer clothes in hot summer season.
Модные ароматы 2014 - новинки парфюмерии1
Versace in 2006 caused a real stir with the release of the aroma is Bright Crystal. Hoping to repeat the success in the perfume industry, they released an updated version of this fragrance – Versace Bright Crystal’absolu. Release the popular scent will certainly enjoy the same demand.

The house of Krizia in this year will please a women’s fragrance Pour Femme Krizia, and the male half of the buyers – Pour Homme.
Модные ароматы 2014 - новинки парфюмерии2
Valentino undoubtedly ranks among the favorites of perfumes. This year, this fashion house started its cooperation with Puig, launching a new men’s fragrance called Valentino Uomo.

Fans of new fragrances are also worth paying attention to the original fragrance from the house of Lalique. A bottle of this fragrance Hommage a l’homme Voyageur reminiscent of ocean waves. Inspirational travel, fragrance is a fresh blend of cardamom, patchouli, vetiver, and bergamot.

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