Artificial nails need care. But it can make unusual designs. And the selected nail design can not only turn your nails into a work of art, but also correct their shape.
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For nail art (nail art) use a variety of materials. Highest quality materials are imported from Germany. If you want them in large quantities, it is better to own for us to go. If you think over the cost of a visa to Germany and other costs, it really becomes more profitable.
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Let us see what are the materials

Rhinestones. This small pebbles, which are made of glass, crystal, plastic and metal material. They mimic under the precious stones. Paste to the nail using acrylic, gel, transparent varnish or special glue. The rhinestone mesh with a wet toothpick and place on the nail.
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Dust, microblade. This is exactly the same sequins, which are in a transparent varnishes. Only they are sold in dry form and this makes it simple to adjust the density.

The stickers. This variety of hearts, flowers, leaves, etc. Stickers is good to use if you have little time and need a nice manicure. But they could never compare with the exclusive copyrighted works.
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The piercing. Can be absolutely any kind. To make it not hurt as the Horny part of the nail is not sensitive end. Make it in salons using a special hand drill. By the way, to drill a hole in the natural nail, it will take more time.
Colored sand. This little pellets that look like balls. They usually are silver and gold shades. But in addition there are also greenish and bluish colors.

Natural material. It’s all kinds of dried plants and their seeds.

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