модные платья для полных женщинThe curvy shape is not always possible to fit in the current fashion trends, so many women refuse to follow them, preferring old-fashioned silhouettes. Often they are models that are obsolete, although they change have come new forms, interesting silhouettes, which you can enter in the daily pattern and the output. Fashionable dresses for fat women are extremely diverse, and each girl who looks for the latest trends, will be able to choose the things that fit her taste and her figure.


Baggy shapeless dress

модные бесформенные платья для полных женщинAlthough usually full of ladies it is strongly recommended not to dress in baggy clothes, which can make them even better, this style of dresses became popular, so it can be worn, carefully labeling accessories.

This trend coincides with the trend oversize that once occurred only in outerwear and jeans. Baggy dresses, straight, very wide, of hard tissue or soft flowing material, can be worn both short and long. Despite the General demand for such style, no need to abuse it, these dresses are good for rare wear in summer, for example, on the beach or on vacation, when you need very quickly and easily hide those extra pounds.


Long dresses with long sleeve

модные длинные платья с длинным рукавом для полных женщинThese dresses are good to wear in summer, and as evening dresses. Everything depends on the characteristics of the cut, colors and prints. If form-fitting full length dress with long sleeves is decorated with a slim figure without emphasizing the silhouette, for full women they are needed. Large Breasts need to hold the bodice with a moderately open V-neck. Bulging belly will hide the waistline under the bust with slight drapery with an overlap in subject area. Sleeves can be full length and three quarters.

If you are looking for this dress for an evening out, you can stay for a long feminine dress with the smell of patterned fabric is a great option for a cool summer.


Dresses with transparent elements

модные платья с прозрачными элементами для полных женщинTransparency not only opens the body, it does so delicately, hiding the fact that I would not want to show. Dresses of matte fabrics with sheer sleeve tulle, chiffon, lace can serve as a great outfits for an evening out for those who have large hands. Dress with transparent sleeves avoids full hide them, which may burden the silhouette, but at the same time masks the complete hands that are especially commonly found in older women.

This technique can be used not only for sleeves, but also for skirts that designers often make. On opaque skirt knee length or above superimposed transparent fabric, thus concealing the feet. It also adjusts the silhouette, in addition, these dresses are very popular.


Striped and plaid dresses

модные полосатые платья для полных женщинStrip and cage are among the most popular prints, and for women including. Striped and plaid dresses are great for everyday wear because it makes it possible to think differently about the piece. Longitudinal strip stretches the silhouette cage medium size also does not allow to show the shortcomings of the figure.

Dresses in stripes or checkered are good for wearing in summer, so you can enter them into your business wardrobe, because both of these prints can be strict and laconic in tissues muted tones.


Printed dress-blende

модные платья с принтом-обманкой для полных женщинPrint blende has become incredibly popular not only for dresses in a casual style – his ability to make the figure slimmer I always use famous women on the red carpet. These dresses usually have a simple cut, it can be attached to the style of dress bodycon or Maxi dress.

The peculiarity of this model is the print that is located at the front of the dress. It can be a simple insert of a different color or a graphic image. Its essence is that if placed on dark matter figure light color, the look falls on it, and the silhouette is perceived concurring in line with this figure, and what is beyond its limits, is not evident. Using this effect even flat-dresses-case does not allow the complete figure together, making it slimmer and neater.


The style of the ‘ 60s

модные платья в стиле 60-ых для полных женщинIn the 60s women wore dresses with no waist, hard architectural silhouette and length not below the knee. This style and in fashion today, so it should not be discounted. Since the dress is meant for full girl, no need to select model mini, let it be a dress knee-or just above – it can be worn with slim legs. The lack of waist or style “trapezoid” in hard tissue, first, makes the trendy way, and secondly, effectively camouflages the waist area.

The style of the ‘ 60s usually combines direct mini dresses with no sleeves, but if the hands problem, choose a model with sleeves three quarters. They will not only help to hide unsightly upper arms, but can also transform the shape as a whole. To wear such dresses are best with shoes on a high heel or a moderate platform.



модные платья-баллон для полных женщинDresses-cylinder were not created by designers as the perfect dresses to complete, but owners figures plus bed cleverly noticed all of his dignity. No matter what length you choose – it can be as a dress to the knee, and models or MIDI dress full valley. Dress the container is able to hide behind a figure of the type “Apple”, which is always difficult to disguise, and is viewed as unfeminine because of missing the waist. Dress balloon hide and belly, and sides, and round hips, not paying attention to them, and bringing to the fore its original cut.

The skirt of the cylinder should be the main focus of fashionable dresses. even if you will find models with trim sleeveless, collarless, with additional decorative elements – discard them because the image will be overloaded with details.

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