Модные трикотажные майки на лето 2014Somehow have jerseys related exclusively for men’s clothing. However, the time and the fashion change, and now ladies with pleasure to buy various models of playful summer t-shirts.

Also earlier this garment pertained more to нательному underwear, but now is a convenient robe, especially for the hot summer.

This thing can easily be combined with any other walk-in closets elements and, thus, to emphasize the dignity of the female figure.

In summer it is better to give preference options shirts of natural knitted fabrics. Knitwear perfectly stretches without deformation and rupture. For example, you can choose a variety of cotton t-shirts.

Cotton, good water absorption, thermal conductivity and permeability, therefore, the summer in such a t-shirt will be more than comfortable. Moreover, some of knitted summer t-shirts can be made of very thin fabric – when wearing such a product in the whole body felt light.

Next summer will be trendy styles of t-shirts, have sleazy appearance. The most interesting thing is that this is the idea of the designers, who sought to create an image of a girl just переодевшейся after sleep. By the way, cost these jerseys are very expensive.

If You have no possibility of the acquisition of branded items, you can buy women’s knitted t-shirts at a more affordable price. Next year there are plenty of inexpensive options, decorated with crystals or stones. Such a thing may safely be worn both for guests and for the work.

Акцент на натуральность

Принтовая extravaganza fashionable summer t-shirts

Avian print on t-shirts will be a novelty next summer. Swans, flamingoes or parrots will be placed on such models. But even if the fabric is applied by any other bird, even cartoonish or abstract, such t-shirts will have the same popularity in the summer season 2014.

Floral prints cannot attend summer t-shirts. Roses, daisies, irises, peonies, etc. may all be relevant.

Not inferior flower принту and use of the marine theme on t-shirts. Also almost every summer marked the return of African motifs. Some models of t-shirts will decorate animal prints or ethnic ornaments.

Summer season 2014 will characterize abundance, represented by luxurious models of tops and t-shirts. Designers had bowed to this part of the fashionable woman’s wardrobe looked richly and elegantly.

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