Modern trends in nail design, lots of interesting and varied design solutions helped nail salons offer customers an embodiment absolutely any design ideas nail. Girls pick up manicure for the appearance, image, style, even for the upcoming holiday or simply mood. Colorful manicure acquired simply enormous popularity among young amatures neat and manicured nails.

The variety of colors will help to make the manicure:
Модный разноцветный маникюр: виды и особенности
holiday (bright, conspicuous at the time of the special events in life )
everyday (usually low-key, is chosen for daily style ladies), casual manicure usually complement all the appropriate accessories, discounts and coupons in La Fashion make purchase of accessories and clothing more attractive
seasonal (takes into account the constantly changing fashion trends).

Aquarium design

This trend in manicure involves drawing directly on the nail and further coating it with acrylic. This way of arranging different nail strength and durability. To give uniqueness use additional decorative materials: acrylic powder, glitter, rhinestones, colored sand and dried flowers.

Painting nails

Original drawings are drawn by the master of manicure at the nail varnishes and paints. The main thing – the creative approach in creating the image. Creativity has no boundaries, but it is important to stick to the theme of the picture and to choose an appropriate color scheme.

Acrylic design
Модный разноцветный маникюр: виды и особенности3
This type of nail decoration is applied more often. In the drawing figure, the wizard uses colored acrylics. Currently popular to apply a variety of color transitions, geometric lines, colored dividing line drawings of animals, insects, berries, fruit, cartoon characters and symbols ( emoticons, snowflakes, hearts).

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