Last year in Vogue satin manicure. It would seem that the name associated with tissue and rustic pattern. You can also have a picture, but the whole point satin manicure lies in the colors of nail Polish and gleam. The varnish used for this type of coverage as a sateen, has a very similar structure with matte finish. Falls on the nail easily, dries quickly, retains its original form and stability, combines well with other types of coatings for nails. Can be as varnish and paint, in common parlance – shellac.
Модный сатин: и в интерьере, и в маникюре3
Satin generally, by nature, are always used in everyday life, how beautiful and good quality material. So no wonder, why in Vogue and stretch satin ceilings. It is ideal for those who do not like the extra gloss and Shine. Satin ceiling is eco-friendly and reliable, modest, but looks decent and expensive.
Модный сатин: и в интерьере, и в маникюре2
Satin manicure is the ladies, shiny nails which seem vulgar tone. Trendy nail the trend has gained popularity among business ladies. Calm or vibrant colors have a slight sheen, resembling the texture of smooth satin fabric. This manicure is appropriate for women at business meetings, business Lunches and how strict version of casual style.
Модный сатин: и в интерьере, и в маникюре
The main thing to choose the right color and it is better not to use a decoration in the form of rhinestones and stickers. Fond satin marigold and mega fashionistas. Bright colors will not leave indifferent any lover of glamorous parties. Such a coating can be combined in color, add patterns and paintings. At a certain angle of light, satin lacquer beautiful shimmers that looks unusual and terribly fashionable. For the price of the service satin manicure is not superior to other types of nail.

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