Модная обувь весна 2013In the spring of the coming 2013 avid fashionistas expect a firework of colorful, stylish and sexy Shoe models. The main feature of fashion shoes 2013 will be the versatility.

The upcoming spring season will be presented in a variety of fashionable Shoe models. Will see what it is.

A variety of styles of spring shoes

Still relevant boots with high heels. This may also include the model wedge or completely flat shoes. It can be as high boots-thigh boots, models knee and neat boots.

Botilony in spring collections are models in high heels or “a drink”, heels triangular or square shape, with platform or without.

On the go, as before remain practical, but stylish models of women’s shoes – shoes. The style of their execution, as always, relevant.

Fashionable shoes for the upcoming spring presents boats with open toe, shoes with strap and without heels and mules (shoes without buckles and heel). In Vogue again includes wedge-shaped model.

In the list of fashionable styles remain carved heel and toe of the boots, batalionul and boots, do not lose their relevance intricate cutouts on the shoes.

The color and the design of spring shoes 2013

Another updated trend women’s spring shoes this year is various shades of “metallic” finish. Such a design would be observed in boots, shoes, batalionul and shoes.

Цветовое и дизайнерское оформление весенней обуви 2013

The use of graphic design by style color inclusions also not lose its relevance. The most popular will be the combination of white with black or two some contrasting colors.

In the color gamut of women’s shoes will include the following colors: beige, white, black, dark and pastel shades of green and blue, Bordeaux, red, yellow, brown and neon bright.

There will also be trendy floral, abstract and graphic prints. The current trend of the season – reptile skin and its imitation. Such models will attract the attention of the colors from black and white to different colors of neon.

Following the trend of the spring Shoe models are entirely or partially transparent materials. Here is the leader plastic, perforated leather and mesh.

Shoes is the hallmark of any woman. Due to her style emphasizes the individuality and charisma, which are present in each ladies and women the way.

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