модные туникиIt is impossible to overestimate the importance of the tunic in modern fashion. This piece wardrobe entered in the lists of the things without which it is difficult to do in the spring-summer season. There are warm and tunics that can easily become part of the autumn-winter wardrobe. Fashionable tunic is incredibly diverse in style, design, on the cases for which they can be worn without crossing the borders of the dress code. Fashionable tunic, what are they?

Richly embroidered and smooth, long into the floor and ultra-short, Matt heaviest and lightest transparent – all features of a modern tunic, which continues to evolve with the times of the Roman Empire.


Chiffon tunics

Classics of the genre – tunic of translucent silk, which are indispensable as a basis summer clothes for women of all sizes. Most of them are appreciated, of course, those whose forms need proper preparation, and chiffon fabric spacious tunic allows you to instantly hide all the flaws. To tunic chiffon looked good, not hung ragged, should be given the choice of this part some time, after weighing all the pros and cons of different options.

If you have broad shoulders and bosom, refuse tunic with opened the chest area. For you there is a huge range of fashion tunics, which will unveil the upper body in the neck. Choose tunic with V-neck, bare shoulder or neck “boat”. The latest model is also dangerous for fat ladies, and wear it better girls with beautiful graceful collarbones.

If you are interested specifically fashionable tunic large size, try to refrain from shopping models with large prints. The length is very important in the selection of such tunics: it should be neither too short, up to the waist, nor excessively long, sloping down below the knee. The best option – tunic to about mid thigh, without many folds, Drapes and indistinct small prints. Stay in the figure, which visually draws the image in length. You should not wear a tunic with a long skirt or slacks-pipes, if you don’t want to look immense.

Fashionable tunic dresses plus size chiffon can become indispensable in the wardrobe full of women, in this case it is necessary to buy elongated, but not very wide model with multiple fabrics. You can provide a thin strap that also will be needed for the formation of a refined style when expressed length wide dress tunic.


Silk tunic

Tunics made of silk remind canonical way East Tunick, who have a pleasant glow, eye-catching color, traditional ethnic prints and in some cases embroidery. The silk lots of advantages before chiffon. Artificial he or natural, it is the body heats up in a cool and well-cooled in the heat. These properties make silk tunics even more desirable for the summer. Besides, these things become really trendy from season to season, what happens to feed, for example, Etro, Emilio Pucci and other brands that are known for his love of bright prints and silk products.

Silk blouse with bright ornaments or large floral patterns are so self-sufficient that they require neither additional decor, no intricate design. Fashion blouses and tunics made of silk is recommended to combine with trousers and skirts of heavyweight matte fabrics. Shoes for such along, you can choose the color, but the bag is preferable concise discreet design.


Knitted tunic

Fashionable sweaters tunics of fine knitwear is gradually gaining more and more admirers. They can be compared and to put in one number with dresses-sweaters, with stylish suitsetama that do not need to enumerate all of their merits in the field of formation of individual style of modern youth. Trendy knit tunic is and adjacent models that are well fit for owners subtle forms. With broad hips and problems in the abdomen is better to give preference to the tight knit, not solid, not very thin.

As the textile, knitwear model Tunick are marked with a waist that this article of clothing traditionally located beneath the breast. Tunics, arranged in categories between the thin fabric and warm knitted – year-old lace tunic, which can easily be made part of the beach outfit, if you wear them on top of the swimsuit. The same tunic can be worn in everyday life, not forgetting to put down matte top skin color.


How to tie fashion tunic

If you have the skills crochet, you will not have problems. You will need to associate two paintings, which are then combined, if necessary zavazava sleeves. The connection pieces of knitted tunic related hook it not be seen outside the eye. If you are crocheting a, you may need to break the thread before vyazaniem new series, that the painting was a uniform picture. You can knit easier, making cloth, mesh, connecting plaits, forming cells in chessboard order.

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