Быстрые диетыThe most popular and effective fast diet is based on the control of fat intake, the essence of which is the complete elimination of fats from the diet. There are variants of the diet, where are controlled carbohydrates. If you sat on a diet like this, it is necessary to monitor the receipt of all necessary nutrients in the body. It is important to drink liquids about one and a half liters per day (this can be tea without sugar or purified water). Welcome exercise to maintain muscle tone and just a positive attitude. Not allowed in the diet of flour and sugary foods.

Quick diet – advantages:

- significant loss of excess weight in a short time (can reach 8-10 kg per week);
- cleansing the body of toxins;
- savings on food;
- unloading of the spine and back due to getting rid of excess pounds.

Quick diet – drawbacks:

- reduced efficiency due to constant malnutrition;
- the manifestation of negative symptoms: dizziness, nervousness, depression, possible depression due to not passing feelings of hunger;
- lack of intake of essential nutrients, resulting in deterioration of the skin, hair and nails;
- sometimes there gynecological problems;
- reduced level of sugar, because the intervals between meals is very large;
the difficulties with the recovery of the correct nutrition and the diet.

Remember that the right choice when selecting a fast diet is to consult with a qualified nutritionist.

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