Разгрузочный день на яблоках

Fasting day on apples is, of course, not something that will allow you to become a real woman. However, for each unloading you effectively cleanse your body of accumulated harmful substances, thereby helping to normalize disturbed digestion and metabolism. In addition, these tasty and reasonably priced fruits can help reduce calorie intake – they, containing about 80 kcal, perfectly fill the stomach. So that feeling of keen hunger during unloading method you will not promise.

Options Apple days

Before use of any menu fasting day on apples, select the kind of fruit that you like more. Of course, the most useful in terms of nutritionists is green fruit. But, alas, not all of their taste. In addition, acid varieties of apples type «Granny Smith» and «Симиренка» are the contraindications – gastritis with high acidity, stomach ulcer. In General, the main thing is that the product does not cause you to have a disgust, because you have to eat them all day.

Only apples

A great way for those who want to «melt» in the volumes by ridding the body of excess fluid. Rent for a day and a half kilos of apples and eat them alone. Extra fluid, including water can not drink, so a fasting day on the basis of the apples is better not to when it is hot, especially when you are thirsty.

Apples with mineral water

For this short-term Apple diet you will need a kilo of fruit and not less than 2-2,5 litres of non-carbonated mineral water healing, which is sold in pharmacies). Fruit divide into 4-6 meals. Each time half an hour before the «food» drink a glass of water. Fruits eat slowly, chew pieces.

Apples with cottage cheese

Quite mild version of the fasting day on apples, which is sometimes prescribed to pregnant women, gaining too much weight, or have swelling. The menu of the day consists of a kilogram of apples and 600 g of cottage cheese (3 standard packs of 200 g) with low content of fat. Fruit устаиваем myself snacking. Cottage cheese we eat eat three main meals. Allowed to drink water and all the drinks that do not contain caffeine, for example, chicory.

Apples and yogurt

According to the reviews, the one-day кефирно-Apple diet well. Of products of prepare kilogram litre of fresh fruit and yogurt, not only skimmed optimally by 2.5 % fat). Share all this to several equal portions and eat during the day. In each meal first, eat an Apple and then drink fermented beverage.

Apples with honey and cinnamon

It will be a day of fasting is not fresh, and baked apples. Done the main dish of the day according to the following recipe. Take 1.5 kg некислых fruits, peel them, cut in half, remove the seeds. Lightly grease with each half of natural honey and sprinkle with cinnamon. Bake in the oven until soft fruits. The resulting delicious dessert divide on 5-6 meals that we eat every 2-3 hours. In addition to food go fluids such as drinking water, green tea, chamomile infusion.

Apple juice

In General, Apple juice is less useful than the fruit in its natural form, however, this method of unloading is quite effective. Using the following menu for the day, you can lose up to 2 kg of weight. In the morning, as soon as you Wake up, drink a glass of freshly squeezed juice (250 ml). Two hours later again put the drink, but already in the volume of 500 ml Then do is, again, the two-hour intervals, and drink 250 ml of juice. Last glass you should take no later than eight in the evening. In addition, meals after 16 hours after the drink is to eat a teaspoon of olive or linseed oil. Pets arrange refreshments in the form of fresh or baked apples and other fresh fruits and vegetables.

Reviews of unloading the bottom

Anastasia, 32 years. Previously, I had often used the fasting days, and Apple were one of my favorites. Then I realized that those 1-1,5 kg (of which not more than 200 g fat precisely)that I lost coming back to me within 3-4 days. Why, one wonders, torture yourself all day? Now I just moved to a healthy food system.
Zarina, 36 years. I will say as a specialist in the field of nutrition. With unloading days generally have to be very careful. For example, obesity them not be used, as well as the strong overweight. Now if you are with the figure is more or less OK, but everyday you eat, say, not very healthy food, you can every Saturday unloaded on apples or something else. It should follow, to this day, took place in calm, preferably home, no stress, physical and mental stress. In addition, many people think that if one day monotonous food was good, and didn’t give much discomfort (weakness, dizziness, hunger), you can still lose weight even a couple and even more days. You cannot do it. You run the risk of undermining their health and in the near future, when you get the usual food, faced with a slowing of the metabolism and, as a consequence, a set of weights.

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