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Already long gone are the days when Europe was at the forefront of new fashion trends. Along with the austere Paris, exquisite London and the spectacular Milan, new York confidently took up an advantageous position on the trendy Olympus world. Here, new stars, starting unique ideas and spread new trends. If you want to buy expensive clothes, which corresponds to modern trends of the megalopolis, then you need to prepare for fun experiments. Because American fashion designers love to experiment.

Dresses from American designers is not alien to the sophistication of the special style of confidence, simple cut, along with the originality of the idea itself. Such clothing as dresses, long ago there was in wardrobes women in America and Europe. They were worn as an alternative to conventional blouse and skirt or trousers. But in dresses, much cooler. It is less restrictive of the movement. Dresses, appropriate style, are mandatory for the important events in the life – Proms, wedding, special event. Therefore, the designers of America special attention is paid models of dresses.

Calvin Klein

платья Келвин Кляйн

Luck is an inseparable companion of this designer. She helped promote his first collection. He brought in shock American inhabitants advent in the late 70’s a young Brooke shields, in their opinion, in indecent form. Several years passed, and the world saw in the performance Klein, unisex style. In 1992 fashion designer inflicted a new blow to the puritanical views of Americans. His posters of Nude Kate moss in the arms of a Brand mark (famous rapper) made a splash. Than just being accused of a fashion designer, but clothes for youth, as proposed by Klein, went to cheer. Unisex – won the planet.

Marc Jacobs (Marc Jacobs)

платья Марк Джейкобс

No one showing the designer has not been without tumultuous applause and enthusiastic reviews. Any collection becomes popular and immediately find supporters. Jacobs caught the point, when the expensive dress becomes supercasual, rather than becoming a cheap thing. The product looks as if had been used and sold out) variety. The merit of the designer is the authorship of ballerinas,»surreal» shoes», black patent-leather boots.

Vera Wang

платья Вера Ванг

Is American of Chinese origin. Was born in a wealthy family. Received a good education. For many years edited fashion magazine «Vogue». But later opened its beauty. In it were exhibited, now famous all, wedding dresses.

Ralph Lauren (Ralph Lauren)

платья Ральф Лорен

His parents came from Belarus. Воспитывающийся in a poor family of immigrants in the children’s school essay he honestly wrote: I Want to be a millionaire.» At the beginning of the fashion designer was releasing menswear, and since 1972 has started creation of the female line. At the moment the brand Lauren produces interior items, perfumes, accessories, goods for animals. His dream came true with the surplus. Lauren billionaire and the owner of the title «the Legend of fashion»

Anna Sui

платья Анна Суи

At the beginning of the designer worked on the issue of sport clothing, but decided to realize his dream and build your brand. The case went. His shop, prizes, awards. MIS often in the vanguard of new directions of the season. In its stores Anna Sui sold clothing, cosmetics, shoes and perfume.

Max Азриа

платья Макс Азриа

This designer literally burst into the world of fashion. Its logo BCBG Max Azria», translated as good style, good attitude. It skilfully combines the American energy with European refinement.

Article publication date: July 11, 2013

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