Contemporary style with extravagant interior of today cannot do without a good and intense lighting. So what may await us in the future? Experts predict us, not much is not enough – led revolution. Yet more than half a century ago were invented LEDs, but the application and recognition of the designers, they received only now. These stylish, economical and compact instruments able to replace fluorescent lamps, halogen lamps and of itself, an incandescent lamp.
Особенности и преимущества светодиодных светильников
The main constituent instruments of this kind is a semiconductor crystal. It is mounted on an aluminum or copper Cup, has pin connector and closes above the clear plastic cover. Besides Russian-language name «led» in the labelling is not uncommon English LED (Light Emitting Diode). Today it is established that energy-efficient led lights have all the advantages not only to the generally accepted devices of illumination, but also considerably superior to any other economical model.

The main purpose of led lighting is an emergency, decorative and auxiliary lights. In the trading network, those lamps are presented in the form of diode modules. These modules include an electronic circuit and several tens or even hundreds of led lamps. This design feature allows the device to create a very interesting artistic composition. You can select individual parts of the interior, to focus on the counter, portray the stars or to give the mysterious appearance of the picture.
Особенности и преимущества светодиодных светильников3
Led lamp today on the market in a very wide range. The tasks they perform largely depend on the desires and needs of the customers. Most often use the ready-made modules and use them for local lighting of the walls or stages. Such devices are normally covered with fine decorative screens made of plastic. Despite the achievements already made, modernization of led lamps continues.

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