Well-groomed hands, beautiful nails always attract attention. However, in order to bring the nail in the order required a lot of effort, time and material. Not every material for manicure and pedicure will fit, so buying it, be sure to look at the label. To make the label is easy, but without it, the product is better not to take.
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When purchasing a product with a label, you can find out when and by whom it was made, what kind of shelf life. Also be sure to provide recommendations for its use. And if you follow the instructions and work carefully, nails are not damaged.

Manicure is called cosmetic treatment for fingers and hands, treatment of nails. This includes hand massage, special bath, directly nail care, giving them the desired shape and polishing, decoration lacquer and/or rhinestones. If desired, the nails can grow.
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There are a few rules of nail Polish that you should follow:

  • do not use a metal nail file (leads to stratification of nail breakage);
  • not work with wet nails;
  • not to nail through the nail file;
  • nails podpisyvaetsya only in one direction;
  • if the nail is to be shortened with scissors, then you must first soften in a warm bath and dry;
  • the rough surface of the polisher to use is rare;
  • manicure once a week, no more.

Treatment for toe nail and feet is called a pedicure, and its first step is steaming feet in a foot bath with warm water. Only after that, when the skin on the foot softens, you can go to the following procedures to cleanse the feet with a special blade or machine, grinding pumice.
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Following treatment the skin on the fingers and nails, massage, peeling, defatting of the toenails and nail Polish application.
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Pedicure, and manicure, every day is not done, so as not to deform the nail.

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