Services nail services feature all modern professional salons. This is not surprising, because today available in almost any services associated not only with a manicure and pedicure, but the recovery of the plates and hand care. This is especially important today, as the nail condition affects a person’s appearance and forms his attitude.
Особенности ногтевого сервиса в салонах
Beautiful and modern women just need a quality manicured in a comfortable chair, on which only recently was hauling upholstered furniture, it has the same effect as shifting upholstered furniture on the total interior solution. Professional manicure reflects the direct and vivid personality, creates a unique style.

In this regard, in the foreground the quality of the manicure. In professional salons feature nail services for both women and for men. Full nail service also includes the care of hands and nails. The existing list of services associated with the care of hands and nails, available to almost everyone.

Nail service includes the following services:
classic manicure,
European manicure,
– manicure,
Japanese manicure,
Express manicure.

A professional manicure involves the use of therapeutic and bleaching products, nail Polish and paraffin baths.

Services are also available pedicure. It can be not only a classic or Japanese, but also hardware, and combined. You can also do a SPA pedicure. Is a full treatment as fingers and stupas. Salon pedicure associated with the processing and fingers, and feet. Services pedicures involve the use of therapeutic coatings, varnishes, fixing the drying of the lacquer, as well as correction of ingrown nails. Actively used paraffin.
Особенности ногтевого сервиса в салонах3
Additional services are available on the nail. They grow in two ways – by using gel or using acrylic. Choosing nail service, you can choose a full range of services related to extensions and correction of nails, including pedicures.

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