Spa pedicure is a special, long complex foot care. It can be used not only to bring the feet in order, but also allow them to rest and relax. This type of manicure is characterized painless and soft. For best effect it is recommended that permanent regular.


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Before you engage in the feet, the master conducted the examination and diagnosis of the feet. It is necessary for the proper selection of oils and cosmetics. After diagnosis, the legs are treated with a special disinfectant drugs that soften and heal the skin. The Spa complex is divided into 4 stages:

  • The first stage is that the feet are immersed in a bath of disinfectant additives or foot are treated with antiseptics. It also includes feet scrub with sea salt or other means.
  • The second stage is carried out immediately after cleaning. A thorough exfoliation with serum. Necessary to eliminate calluses and corns. After peeling the stem is applied a soothing mask, which can have an effect of healing, recovery or relaxation. The mask should be kept for 30 minutes.
  • The third stage – restorative massage. For massage apply a special moisturizer, as it is necessary to reduce the risk of cracks and dryness. Because in the feet there are important energy points, massage has a positive effect on the entire body. Insomnia, back pain, swelling quickly disappear. The feeling of vitality, improves mood.
  • On the fourth, last stage on foot cream is applied to soften and smooth the skin. After, the nails are to apply the initial coating, also can be coated with colored lacquer. Before you start working with nails, they applied a degreasing and disinfectant, which reduces the likelihood of delamination.


The legs are constantly in a state of heightened stress. High heels, tight socks causes great fatigue of the legs, and not good for the feet and nails. Spa pedicure easily lead legs in order. The average Spa pedicure lasts for two hours, which will have a positive effect on the General condition of the feet and body. By far the most popular is the combo Spa pedicure, which includes a processing hardware feet. To ensure high quality and proper pedicure should apply to masters in beauty salons.

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