Modern business-lady can’t do without the presence of the costume in her wardrobe. Business style in clothing is important for successful women. Classic jackets, skirts, pants highlight the status of their owner. Look absurdly women leaders in bright colored dresses and blouses, although these are no exception.
Особенности выбора женского костюма01
Choice of costume – not an easy task. We have to choose just two types of service, which complement each other. Here not envy women with non-standard figure. It is rare when a case falls buy female costume for a girl with a lush Breasts and small hips. In such cases, we have to look for a wizard that will put an order.

The most popular costumes black colors that are very convenient for daily wardrobe and special events. Black is a classic color and rigor that never goes out of fashion. They look quite well in shades of gray and look less stringent. White color is not appropriate for everyday costume, but is not a bad option for a celebration or holiday. No exception is blue, red, green or yellow color. They belong to women who want to dilute the strict style and cheerful colours.

Successfully chosen suit emphasize the features of a beautiful figure. And women, who have never boast ideal parameters, it is not recommended to buy short jackets or skirts. Extended version of the jacket and knee-length skirt is capable to hide all the drawbacks of the shape.

Also should not forget about the material and the possible colors. Rough fabric with intensive pattern visually fattening. Large women are better suited suit with a light self-coloured fabric with vertical stripes.
Особенности выбора женского костюма
The desire to be fashionable, often leads to ill-considered purchases. Therefore, the choice must be approached carefully in order to beautiful models on the cover of a popular magazine, bright advertising was not your guide.

Article publication date: November 28, 2013

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