женские пиджаки 2014Coats and jackets in women’s clothes may not be too much. When comes the new fashion season, couturier, representing global brands, repeatedly demonstrate the whole range of stylish and combinatorial possibilities of this garment. Jackets are so firmly entrenched in the ladies ‘ dresses that each of the runway always attracts attention – what are we going to wear them in the new season? Female jackets 2014 represent models that are constantly evolving, not allowing images to stagnate in one place. If last year were in fashion one length, color and shapes, then they can stay the same, but they have been changed, not allowing bored.


Jackets men’s style

These models can be a way of oversize, if the girl put on my coat your boyfriend or bought in a shop model for growth. Also on the podium in the collections 2014 were demonstrated women’s outwear quite a reasonable size, but with a subtle sound of male style. However, this is no longer surprised. Although designers, it seems, for the previous seasons played enough with the interplay of male and female, male jacket are already well – established fashion category, the presence of which does not require justification.

The main peculiarity of such jacket is a deep V-neck throat cut, and two buttons that connect the shelf jacket somewhere in the area of the hip. They can be worn as with the business press, and with the long flowing skirts of pleated fabrics. Especially popular is the length of the MIDI, which in combination with the men’s jackets looks boldly and fresh.


Extra long coats

Great news for those who hesitate to wear short jackets given the size of the thigh, or General insecurity in their figure. Fashion long jackets, which can reach up to the knee. Such models are presented on the podium Haider Ackermann, Jil Sander, Marc by Marc Jacobs and other designers, who in this trend, combined love of men’s style jackets made in order to make this length is more feminine.

So thanks minimalist design and a fitted cut jackets look great summer versions of elegant ladies ‘ coats, which can throw over the evening dresses. The jacket can easily become the main actor image for solemn occasion, if his original gloss and texture of silk or satin lapels, like a tuxedo.


Close-fitting jackets on one button

In 2014 designers strive to simplification of forms, which is evident in the fact that binds strips only one button, which focuses on the waist, already carefully underlined by using cut.

The podium once again wins classics as plain womens jackets, which at all times were the base part of women’s wardrobe, once again reminding about their status. Such jackets showed Max Mara, Jason Wu, Michael Kors. A similar model in the majority of cases have been elegantly inscribed in a minimalist images, cragie business suits or in a concise outfits without an abundance of flowers. But some designers retreated from the canons of smoothness business style and showed how well able beautiful fitted jacket «calm» the dress with colorful pleated skirt or dress with bright summer of print.


In the footsteps of tuxedo

Tuxedo differs from the other satin jacket lapels. Classic tuxedos were incredibly popular in the past seasons, but now designers decided to play a little with its forms. The essence trend remains, however, that attention to the jacket riveted to his lapel, but they wouldn’t necessarily shining satin sheen. They might be marked with contrasting colour, print, a different fabric textures in comparison with the material of his jacket. The form of the lapel also does not stand still, traditions narrow lapels tuxedo gradually receding into the past, giving place to the options that are more characteristic of images jackets Aviator. Such jackets represented in the collections Isabel Marant, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Proenza Schouler and, of course, Saint Laurent, combined with jeans short leather skirts, classical press the arrow keys, or even short pants-pipes.


Short jackets

The greatest diversity in 2014 observed in this fashion collection. Female jackets up to the waist appear in such a huge variety that is difficult to resist buying it. But to buy these models is with the mind, because when choosing the wrong color and cut they will make the shape of a square.

There jackets with a round collar and without zippers – style Coco Chanel, others have a deep V-neckline, still others don’t have any openings, but have fitted silhouette and should be worn with a catchy contrast belt-type Japanese kimono. Such jackets was shown on the catwalk, Issey Miyake, Isabel Marant, Missoni, Marni, Alexander Wang.

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