праздничный макияжYou will visit the festive event, and you certainly want to make an impression on others. In addition to evening dresses, you should take care of special make-up. A properly selected holiday makeup is able to completely change your image or enhance the natural beauty, with the emphasis on the virtues of the appearance and hide her flaws.


How to get a flawless makeup for a holiday

There are many options for the evening and festive make-up, it all depends on your taste, style and specificity of event. First of all, one should understand that the process of applying the holiday makeup is more complicated and laborious, then to work with everyday cosmetics.

Festive make-up may be more saturated and vivid than casual, but one should not forget the sense of measure. In this case, a good rule of thumb is «less is more». Too dramatic and full of makeup absolutely not combined with a gentle feminine way. Choose natural tone, focusing either on the eyes, or on the lips. If you select both, your make-up will look too harsh and unnatural.

If you are not sure in their ability to correctly and beautifully apply makeup, and her nose a great holiday, where you want to Shine and conquer, entrust your face professional makeup artist. The wizard will offer you options for holiday makeup from your face, the features of the toilet and so on. If you approached true master of his craft, you will be stunned by the result.


Types festive makeup

Even if you are a skilled makeup artist among her friends, work out in makeup for a few days before an event, play with the color and the style, pick exactly is the perfect place for your holiday image.

Do not skimp on quality and good decorative cosmetics. Makeup, which was used during application quality cosmetics, looks really perfect. Note mineral makeup, it perfectly matches, does not cause allergic reactions and has an extremely wide color scale.

Among a great number of different variants of the festive make-up, there are probably two types of makeup that will never go out of fashion and always will be in place for any festive event is «smokey eyes» and make-up in vintage style.

  • «Smoky eyes» underline the color of the eyes and give depth to eyes and expression, and this makeup can be done using any color, from traditional dark tones, lavender, Golden and green tone.
  • Makeup vintage – is quite simple, but incredibly elegant and feminine. All you need to create this image, eyeliner slightly подвитые and tinted mascara eyelashes and bright red lipstick. If you want to look elegant, but seductive and sexy, this makeup is exactly what you need.


Tricks of the trade

And now need to turn to a few tricks that will help to apply holiday makeup and create flawlessly elegant and feminine image.

Emphasis should be either on the lips or eyes. If you bright paint lips, eye makeup should be made in calm and subdued colours, if you allocated the eyes of the rich and dense tones – lips should be soft and natural.

For festive options best suited thick liquid Foundation or powder. Apply on face one layer, and then assess the result, if you see flaws, apply it again. For the festive event without multi-hued, bronzing not do. Apply a small amount of multi-hued, bronzing on the collarbone and shoulders (if they are open), this technique will give your skin a warm internally glow. If you apply the bronzer on the face, make a few strokes in those areas that are exposed to light, on the nose or cheeks. Then apply blush. If you are planning a lot to be photographed, remember that, in order «not to get lost in your pictures, use blush shades darker. Apply the blush on the cheeks and do not forget to properly their smudged. Blush with a pink tinge always give the face a fresh and rested look – take a note of it.

If you have decided to focus on the makeup eye, start with the basics for shadows. Make-up in soft natural colours look very professional and elegant. On the upper eyelid, until бровной bone apply a beige colour tone, then in the zone folds century apply brown or coffee shade, to do this use a contour brush eye shadow. Then, again, the surface of the entire century cover with a thin layer of Golden-brown shades. All the colors of a good blend. White or pearl eyeliner on the edge of the upper lashes allows you to visually increase and maximize eyes. Подвейте eyelashes and apply mascara to give additional volume.

In bright make-up lips, eye, use a mild tone. Circle the lip contour pencil, in harmony with the color of the chosen lipstick. If you want the lipstick lasted on the lips as much as possible, without contour not do. Soft and gentle movements of the brush, apply the lipstick on the lips, then cover the lips transparent brilliance. Sometimes the game of color on the covered with lipstick lip put color Shine, but if you are not sure what color may come of it, better not to experiment. If you want to make your lips soft and matte finish, apply under the thin layer of lipstick powder and then all the same scenario, the contour and lipstick.

Don’t forget about the harmony and compatibility of colors. If you select eyes, lip pick up bodily or beige lipstick, with its bright lips in any case do not paint the eyes dense dark shadows. Pay special attention to the shading is the cornerstone of professional makeup. If the event takes place in the evening or you often have to pose for photo darker and more saturated colors makeup quite appropriate.

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