With the onset of the holidays every woman thinks about the dress, manner and detail. New year’s eve wants to look beautiful and charming and festive manicure is one of the important elements of style. Inner child often wants to paint your nails in bright colors and sprinkle more glitter, but some fashion advice and tips will help to avoid mistakes.

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The choice of picture

Many women prefer a festive manicure with thematic images and patterns to really feel the holiday. To create these graphics, you can use a brush or a set for stamping, varnishes different shades and stencils Christmas drawings. Of course, always up to date pictures of snowflakes, Christmas trees and garlands, but with certain skills you can draw even Santa Claus or reindeer team. Do not forget that the color and pattern of the nails must:

  • combined with manner and dress;
  • to match the style or theme;
  • to be done carefully and very well.

Remember that pictures look good on long nails or nails medium length, and for short nails will fit classic manicure in one color or designs with longitudinal lines.

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Features manicure at a new year’s eve

Every year there are new and interesting trends, fashion trends and unusual styles. Festive manicure, too, deserves attention and can easily meet basic popular trends of the season. Already a familiar feature of new year’s manicure steel sequins. They are associated with lights or snowflakes and very appropriate for the Christmas holidays. The main thing is not to overdo it, and to use them as part of the decoration of nails.

As for the shape of the nails, in the winter season, the actual natural oval or rounded shape of the nails. Square nails out of fashion for a cozy evening will look rude. Too long and pointed nails – quite obsolete and unnatural form. Hands and nails should look well-groomed, feminine and gentle, and additional accessories in the form of rings will certainly pay attention to a beautiful manicure.

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One of the most important trends is the color. In winter, the actual bright and bold colors such as turquoise and blue, white mother of pearl and red gamma. Noble shades of gold and silver are very popular and will help you to focus on the hands. Can be safely used and dark varnishes (black, grey, emerald) and apply over the unusual designs and drawings of bright and contrasting colors. Very elegant will look French, but only with a stylish blue, black and green colors for the edges. Most importantly – do not be afraid to experiment, to try neon colors and matte varnishes, bronze shades and intricate drawings.

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