льняное масло косметологияThe use of oil not only in the gastronomic, but also in cosmetics, widens the range of possibilities for the solution of various skin problems, including severe dryness and vitamin deficiency. Flaxseed oil in cosmetics by right occupies one of leading places, as it allows to fill the skin with a huge number of useful substances.

Do not use unrefined oil – when cleaning it lost almost all its healing properties. If you belong to the supporters of natural cosmetics, preferring the force of nature newfangled laboratory investigations, Flaxseed oil can be a great ally.


Use unrefined linseed oil

Why the skin, hair and nails at times demonstrate the status from tolerable to such a horrible? Due to the absence in the body balance of essential vitamins, minerals and other ingredients, without which it is impossible to preserve its “face” smooth, radiant, healthy. Oil, which is obtained by cold pressing of flax seed contains saturated, polyunsaturated fatty acids and an impressive number of healthy skin vitamins, it was considered to be a leader in its biological value. This means that no other oil can not compare in its enriching and regenerative effects on linen.

Polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6, at deficiency which the skin, hair and nails become a deplorable state, linseed oil contains sufficient. It includes also contain vitamins A, B, K, E, F. to save all useful substances of linseed oil, it is desirable to use in a cold, raw form. It can be a bit of heat for efficiency, but in no case do not boil.


Flax oil for skin

In its pure form or as part of home creams and lotions Flaxseed oil perfectly restores dry skin, prone to irritation, faded from lack of vitamins. Using flax oil can be successfully heal cracked heels, dryness on the hands, elbows, knees, it can be applied in small amounts at a very dry face in the evening after a shower. On the face of pure flax oil is better not to leave for the night, to avoid contact with bed linen and clogging of pores. You can add a few drops of linseed oil in night cream, increasing its efficiency, or in any body lotion.

Like any other oil, Flaxseed better apply to the skin in number or in conjunction with another cosmetic as mask for short-term actions. A simple method for making masks for skin with linseed oil: a teaspoon of butter and egg yolk. The mixture is applied to the skin, aged ten to fifteen minutes and wash off with warm water.

To combine nourishing mask effect with bleaching, add a teaspoon of lemon juice (make sure that the skin there are no open sores, you are not allergic to citrus and skin is not irritated). Also a member, you can include a spoonful of honey or ground coffee, which will provide mass density and abrasive texture. This mass is good to apply for application to the skin of the body in areas with cellulite, providing excellent warming, exfoliating, and refreshing effect. Massaging thighs, abdomen and buttocks this structure provide you skin smooth, tone, elasticity and excellent color coupled with good drainage effect.


Flax oil for hair

Thinning dull hair, exhausted by termokarkas and colourings, periodically requested the oil masks. Using this oil can not only recover the structure of the hair, leaving it smooth and silky, but also to apply it on the scalp, eliminating dandruff, itching, peeling and excessive dryness. As for the skin, hair Flaxseed oil is perfectly combined with egg yolk, to the composition, you can add a few drops of essential oil and lemon juice (blonde).

Prepare a fresh composition with half the content of linseed oil – focus on the length of the hair. To nutrients faster penetrated into the hair and scalp, oil can be slightly warm in a water bath, but without boiling. Apply on the head a couple of hours before normal washing, provide the thermo effect, covering his head with plastic cap and ecutiv towel. Leave the oil mask for a couple of hours, then use a mild shampoo.


Especially the use of Flaxseed oil

To Flaxseed oil is good for your beauty and did not bring any harm, it must be properly stored, without delay. Try to use all home mixed with linseed oil immediately after cooking. Netcorona bottle of linseed oil can be stored in a dark place moderate room temperature for up to a year.

Remember that any oily substance is a favorable environment for bacteria. Apply this oil on the face it is recommended that in the absence of active acne, it can aggravate the situation. It is best to use it for nourishing and regenerating mask for dry loose skin, leaving the care of oily and problematic other means.

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