That girl is her business card, perhaps, they know everything. Well-groomed hands, soft skin and beautiful manicures attract the attention of the male half of society and admired by women. Today any professional beauty salon will offer you a wide range of services for your pens – baths and peels, Spa treatment and a wax therapy and various types of manicure.

фольга для маникюра 3

Nail design

Fashion trend of the season is the manicure with foil. It is worth noting that in this art, you don’t fit the usual food foil, which is sold in supermarkets. Need to purchase a special foil for manicure. And how to create an unbeatable creation of spillovers of colours, resembling the brilliance of the gems, we will cover in this article.

фольга для маникюра

The most important thing when creating a manicure with foil – accuracy and limit patience. Then do it in the best way. To work foil, scissors, glue, a pair of tweezers, cotton swabs and fixing the floor. Prepare procurement of foil the desired shape. Cover the nails layer of varnish and allow it to dry, but not to the end. Apply a layer of glue and attach a blank from foil matte part down. Not to tear the foil is better to use a pair of tweezers. Thoroughly wet surface of the nail cotton swab to manicure turned out nice and neat. Now confidently and quickly remove the foil. If you properly did all the steps pattern from foil remains on your nails. To prolong the results of nails cover a fixer.

With foil can be produced in various ways, and to implement your wildest ideas and ideas. It is not necessary to foil on the whole nail, you can decorate only the corners or individual fingers, make asymmetry or abstraction, to complement the decor of sequins and rhinestones. This manicure attract attention, will emphasize your image and will long please its originality. As for removing the varnish you will need the usual means, which is sold in every beauty Department.

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