Conventional foil can give the nails are not only beautiful luster, but very original invoice. Women all over the world come up with all sorts of ways to make your manicure unique, not like the others. If you show a little imagination, you can decorate nails most that neither is the usual foil.
Фольга на ногтях как украшение
The beauty of a woman is made of two components: a slim figure and a good manicure. Buying products for fitness and sport, such as home gyms, you can significantly improve your figure, and acquiring special glue and bright foil, create incomparable manicure.

If you have never used a foil for nails, it is better to start to try finished elements for the creation of a decor. They are issued in the form of labels and easily mounted on the nail, and easy to use, and have a good resistance.

For fans to do everything yourself, produced foil many types and colors. It is sheet, copy, cut, foil, needing to heat treatment.

Before gluing on nails foil, they need to be brought into shape and put a base varnish, which will be glued foil.
Фольга на ногтях как украшение3
Then you need to act under the plan:

  • Cut out from a foil 10 rectangular parts, the size of which slightly exceeds the sizes of nails;
  • The wizened base layer of varnish should be applied with a thin layer of glue, designed to foil;
  • At drying glue is made transparent, this means that he is ready to further work;

Prepared foil gently applied to the nails and represents a cotton swab to ensure a smooth surface.
After some time required for reliable gluing foil with nails, it is necessary to produce the final stage of this treatment is to cut unnecessary foil around the nail and apply above the transparent lacquer.

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