народные средства для ухода за жирной кожейPeople with oily skin sebaceous glands produce excessive amount of sebum – substance intended to protect the skin. When it is too much, skin regularly gets greasy Shine, it can appear and acne acne. Folk remedies for oily skin to help cope with these problems.

The activity of the sebaceous glands depends on many factors. For example, in people with dark hair sebaceous glands on average produce more sebum than those who, by nature, blond hair. Stress and hormonal changes can cause the sebaceous glands start working too actively. But the meals, as far as we know, the activity of the sebaceous glands virtually no effect.

Oily skin requires its people with more attention than normal or dry, but it has its advantages: for example, it will stay longer and smoother. To this skin cause minimum inconvenience, you are required systematic care for her. Should be regularly cleaned it from dirt, dead skin cells and excess sebum. It is important not to overdo it – if you are too often used scrubs or harsh cleansers, this will cause the sebaceous glands will produce even more sebum.


Proper skin cleansing

народные средства для ухода за жирной кожейWash your face with hot water. It is better dissolves fat, than cool or cold water. But to finish washing the cold water – it narrows pores, and contrast temperature stimulates blood circulation in the skin.

Broth witch hazel is recommended every time after washing, for three weeks (just wipe them wet face). After the third week use it once a day. In гамамелисе contains tannins – астрингенты that effectively narrows the pores.

Yarrow, sage and mint also have астрингентными properties. To make your toner for oily skin, pour one tablespoon of any of these herbs are boiled water and infuse for thirty minutes. Then strain the broth and wait for it to cool completely. Use it like a normal tonic – wet them with a cotton pad and wipe your face. Herbal decoction remains suitable for use within three days if it is kept at room temperature, or within five days if stored in the refrigerator.

Hyssop (blue St. John’s wort, also contains substances which астрингентами. In folk medicine, this plant has long been used for skin care. Pour one tablespoon of dry hyssop a Cup of water, put on fire and boil for ten minutes. Then strain the broth, and let it cool. Apply it on the face after cleansing with the help of a cotton ball.

Essential oil of lavender and neroli can also be used for cleansing and toning. Mix a Cup of flower water with a few drops of essential oils of lavender and neroli, pour the mixture into the bottle with a sprayer and apply it on the face several times a day.

Oat flour helps to clean the pores, removing the excess oil and dead skin cells. Mix one or two tablespoons of oatmeal with water or broth witch hazel and, when you get a homogeneous mass, apply it on the face. Fifteen, twenty minutes, rinse with warm water.

Do facial massage several times a week, after washing. Apply to cleansed skin a little buttermilk, and then within a few minutes pound her with light circular movements. In buttermilk contain acids that help remove from the skin surface contamination, but also narrows the pores.


Mask for oily skin

народные средства для ухода за жирной кожейMask of clay remove excess fat, tone up and deeply clean the skin. Mix one tablespoon of dry clay with a small amount of water (you can also use herbal decoction)to obtain a homogeneous paste. If you want a mask, you can add two drops of essential oils of lemon and cypress – the substances contained helps control the activity of sebaceous glands, and also thanks to them gives the mask a pleasant aroma. Evenly apply the mask on the face, and when it is completely dry, wash it off with warm or cool water.

Mask from egg protein makes the skin more elastic and normalizes the functions of sebaceous glands. Thoroughly mix one tablespoon of honey with egg white, then add a little oat flour to produce medium density paste and apply it on the face, making sure that it does not fall on the skin around the eyes. Rinse with warm water after ten minutes or after it is completely dry.

Mango is the Indonesian folk remedy for oily skin. The pulp of the fruit must pound the mashed potatoes and put it on the skin with light massaging movements. After five to ten minutes, the mask can be washed off by cool water. Contained in mango acid cleanse the pores and tone the skin.

Lemon juice is known by its астрингентными properties and is widely used as a means for care of oily skin. To make a mask, RUB on a small grater half of the big Apple (or whole little Apple), mix it with one teaspoon of lemon juice and the same quantity of dried and chopped sage, lavender or mint. Apply the mask on the face and after five minutes rinse with warm water.

Take one tablespoon of Flaxseed oil a day. Linseed oil contains essential fatty acids that help in many skin problems. In particular, they normalize the work of the sebaceous glands. Flaxseed oil can be taken or just added to salads. Expose to heat treatment is not recommended – so Flaxseed oil may lose part of its beneficial properties.

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