To have long and healthy nails are desire of many girls, but not always it turns out. Sometimes because of bad habits, improper diet or a species of labour to keep nails healthy, it seems quite difficult. But some home remedies can help to achieve this.

If you from the ugly nature of the nail plate, of course, you can try to cut them short so not as noticeable would be the flaw. But more effectively can help nail. Such nails in Voronezh is not uncommon. Many residents of Voronezh this method to make the beauty nails is popular.
If you have chronic fatigue, then nails are short and weak. But if desired, they can grow and give beauty with the help of effective home remedies.

Garlic is one of the better known natural ingredients that help nails grow. There are many ways of its application, one of the easiest ways is to crush two large cloves of garlic every day to apply the resulting paste on your nails for 10 minutes.

Mix the garlic with lemon you can make a home remedy, perfect for nail growth. To do this, chop a large clove of garlic, put in 125 g of water, bring it to boil and mix with the juice of 1 lemon. Apply the mixture every night before bed.
A good natural remedy for nail growth can be obtained by mixing half a Cup of milk and the juice of one lemon. To dip the nails in this liquid for 15 minutes and repeat this procedure at least three times a week.

Another good home remedy you will get by adding crushed garlic cloves in glitter for nails and leaving for a week. Apply every day this mixture, putting it on your nails.
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Remember also to keep your nails strong and healthy, it is important to have a healthy diet with the consumption of foods rich in proteins necessary for nail growth.

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