Every girl dreams of legs as a baby, so they were as soft and rosy. Also nobody likes the appearance on the feet of corns and calluses that spoil not only the appearance but also the state of health and at the same time, ruining our lives. The emergence of these problems cause discomfort as your, and others. Without the intervention of such a problem will solve it is impossible, but before the decision, you must determine what you predelete attention.
Уход за ногами, в частности за стопами2
For the treatment of leg there is a special procedure in SPA-salons. Many salons offer special trips to other countries. Even airlines offer tours, for example in Bulgaria, where there are special services such as peeling Garra Ruffa. And to purchase tickets in Bulgaria is not difficult and the ticket prices are not so great.
Уход за ногами, в частности за стопами2,
Scroll the list of the most popular problems:

  • Excessive sweating
  • Roughness and rudeness
  • Swelling and severe fatigue
  • Fungi and corn
  • Cracks and ingrown nails
  • Problems in orthopedic direction (flat, protruding bone)

Considering all of this, you can make one conclusion in advance that if foot care were held regularly, then these problems would not exist.
Consider the important aspects of the regular care of your feet and legs.
Уход за ногами, в частности за стопами4
First aid is needed to protect the legs from a large daily loads, which they receive when when taking all day the weight of your body as shock absorbers.

It is also worth noting that in the foot is the biologically active points, the impact of which will change the state of your health. But in which direction depends on you. If you will regularly (for example, every evening after work or a day when you walked a lot) to make bath salts and oils to massage the foot, you will feel more rested and full of vigor.
Уход за ногами, в частности за стопами5
And the final point it is worth noting that the condition of the legs affects overweight, and unhealthy diet, and hormonal status, shortness of circulation, the condition of the shoes. And with age these problems only increase.

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