Many people believe that in winter the skin of the feet requires less care. It is to be worn closed shoes. But, on the contrary, in winter the feet require more attention. Indeed, in thick socks and closed, and sometimes even and tight shoes, leather doesn’t breathe and can cause many problems such as corns, calluses and hyperkeratosis.

Also winter is the time to pay attention to the condition of the hair. Under the action of frost and wind, they become dry and brittle. In this case, you must apply the mask to dry hair. Masks can be bought in special shops, and you can do it yourself.
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In order to avoid problems with your feet need systematically to care for them. Once a week is necessary to do foot bath with sea salt. Not only does it relax them, but also very useful for the growth and strengthening nails. When the legs are good steamed, they should be treated with pumice stone and apply cream.

For those who don’t have any problems with your feet, this method is ideally suited. But those who are faced with hyperkeratosis, should treat the feet with proper attention. Hyperkeratosis is an excessive thickening of the skin, which can even be painful. In this case, normal foot cream will not help.
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To combat this problem it is necessary to address to the dermatologist. The doctor will prescribe a special cream that you can buy at the pharmacy. The composition of the cream may include various acids and urea. They help get rid of dry skin.

In order to avoid this problem you need daily in the shower to handle your heels with pumice and cream. When the regularity of these actions for hyperkeratosis not to worry.

Another problem is the sweating of the feet. To cope with it will help special deodorants, in addition, be sure that the footwear was not too close. Also in the fight against sweating help bath with oak bark and a douche.
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A consequence of sweating and tight shoes can be a fungus for which such conditions are ideal for breeding. To solve the problem with the help of a doctor. Because the fungus stop this is a disease that requires the control of doctors.

When caring for your feet not forget about the nails. They need regular rasp to prevent ingrown nail.

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