Now fashion is simplicity and modesty. Your image has been popular, the outfit is bound to be layering and highlighting a few stops. The main thing that was a flawless combination of things.

The main difference from winter dressing from simple, that outerwear is the main part of the wardrobe. Choose the clothes you need one that will not interfere with moving in which will be cozy and warm. Most importantly, things to be fashionable, refined and combined with other things in the closet.

Coat, as well as the winter clothes. This type of clothing is very warm and cozy. There are many types of coat that will suit any girl.

Severe frosts are asked to wear beauties stylish coat. This winter clothes fashion faux fur. These coats are very cheap, but they look amazing and dignified.

Coats and parkas, as well considered one of the major things in the winter wardrobe. Thanks to the hippie style, sheepskin is back in fashion, they good save from the cold, frosty wind. But Park tones of khaki, became very popular.

Sure, winter wardrobe needs to be a sweater. Form-fitting with a high neck sweater combines well with a variety of things. Also, wide styles of sweaters look good with the shirt.

Will certainly the girl in the winter wardrobe should be the warm style of dress. Formed the feminine look and at the same time you will be cozy and warm. Warm, knitted dress is considered a long time ago fashionable clothes. This dress looks great with strong tights and can be even colored. Remember that knitted dress should not be too much print for you will look ridiculous.

Warm dresses to wear with Bonforte and high boots. And of course, should be insulated skirt, for example a pencil skirt or a skirt-pleated.

And like in a winter wardrobe without insulated pants. There are many types of insulated pants that are good to be combined with different clothes and certainly perfectly fill the closet.

Of course, if your work makes us constantly to be in the office and get an insulated business suit, which will keep you warm and comfortable.

So, it is necessary to tell about accessories and shoes. Of devices are required to be in the dressing caps several types of scarves, you can also buy shawl gloves. Shoes mandatory shoes and boots insulated fur.

Use these recommendations to be beautiful and always be warm!

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