основа под макияжModern Foundation undergone significant changes since the only appeared on the market of decorative cosmetics. Previously, it was thick and heavy tools with which it was not easy to cope. Today you can find a basis for any taste, from thick cream formulas to light toning tools with moisturizing effect that align the skin tone and mask all the flaws. More thick and dry Foundation that allows to provide coverage, but at the same time it is very difficult to accurately shade, light and liquid foundations of a more convenient in this sense, but on the other hand many of them do not have good enough masking properties.


Buildable with moisturizing effect

If you do not want the Foundation was laid on the skin thick layer, but выравнивала tone and увлажняла skin toners with the effect of moisture – exactly what you need. Such a framework perfectly softens the skin, protects the skin from moisture loss and gives the skin a tint. Essentially it means «two in one», if your purse is such a framework, you do not need to apply moisturizer, and then a basis, this is all in the one package.



A Foundation in the form of Moussa applied to the skin in thin layers easier than liquid basis, mousse allows you to control the amount of money and more gently and evenly to shade it. Mousse – liquid Foundation, saturated, something like aerosol cream, this consistency makes the tool more soft and comfortable in use. Cost basis Moussa somewhat higher than other types of a make-up base in this case you pay for special packaging and special technology. Such a basis is suitable for all skin types, especially for dry and Mature skin, it does not clog pores, does not accumulate in the wrinkles and small folds of the skin and gives your face fresh and smooth tone.


Fluid Foundation

основа под макияжLiquid Foundation is inexpensive and accessible, it provides quite a good result. For more even application makeup artists recommended to use wet cosmetic sponge. Especially well suited liquid Foundation, dark disguise circles under the eyes within these zones liquid basis can be applied with a small brush, lip gloss.

There are many different versions of liquid foundations makeup resistant coated 24 hours, water resistant, with special ingredients to prevent smudging and spreading and so on. However, all these formulas contain oils and wax components, so women with too sensitive skin such funds are recommended. If you regularly use waterproof cosmetics and notice that began to appear on the skin acne, click the usual cosmetics, it is quite possible that the cause of acne lies in the incorrect choice of cosmetic products. Recently, more and more appears tonal resources with maximum content of organic ingredients. Essential oils and vegetable oil minerals and vitamins successfully replace synthetic dyes and preservatives.


Concealer with the ultimate effect powder

This type of bases under makeup can be called one of the most interesting and popular types of tonal resources. Such a framework or has a liquid consistency, but after application dries, providing Matt пудровое coverage, or issued in the form of cream powder. Cream powder is easily applied, the Foundation does not require subsequent consolidation of the compact or friable powder.



Concealer – special tool fairly thick consistency and different shades, designed to disguise certain shortcomings skin, dark circles under the eyes, redness, or blackheads. Most often concealer are available in a compact form pencils or sticks. For more effective coverage of the shortcomings makeup artists recommend initially apply concealer, and then tonal basis.


Makeup mineral-based

основа под макияжMineral makeup is very popular with those who suffer from sensitive skin and allergies. The composition of such a framework is the minimum number of ingredients, all the components of these funds are inert minerals, which reduces the risk of allergic reactions. Mineral Foundation put fluffy brush multiple layers of light texture of mineral base allows to create a light and virtually invisible coating. Many makeup artists compare mineral makeup brush for retouching, with which you can remove all shortcomings and to achieve a perfectly flawless skin tone.

Remember, regardless of consistency of products, makeup base should be selected according to their skin type. For dry skin are suitable liquid foundations, or cream powder with moisturizing effect. The problem of dry skin – the loss of water, the ingredients in such funds can retain moisture in the skin and provide additional nutrition and hydration.

Liquid Foundation is suitable for oily skin, but in this case, select a formula, not containing oils and fatty ingredients. Perfect for oily skin – toned powder matting effect. Mineral makeup is also well suited for oily skin, dry particles of minerals well absorb fat and moisture removing the ugly Shine. For sensitive skin prone to acne, makeup artists recommend choose basis with the content of salicylic acid. This acid dries fat glands, preventing the emergence of new acne.

For combination skin is the ideal base into powdery basis, this consistency allows you to create a more dense coating prone to fat zones, and in the drier parts of the face, apply a thin layer. In such a situation liquid Foundation leaves a visible border between areas with different density of coverage, so when combined with the type of skin from such funds should be abandoned.

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