Beautiful manicured hands play a very important role in the image, both men and women. Neat and tidy manicure is the result of constant care and care of the skin of hands and nails, and, as we know, this regularity can be a costly mistake. Are there any options to lower costs of these expensive (not only the heart) to a salon?
В человеке все должно быть прекрасно, особенно ногти
Quite often, before you buy perfume or toilet water in large volumes, clients use the probes. Where to buy samples of perfume? This is not a problem. Cosmetic network, online shopping, websites official manufacturers not only provide the buyer the opportunity to choose and order a probe, but in some cases will give it for free.

Wonderful practice. But is there something similar in the field of nail service? Is there a “probe” manicure or the opportunity to do it for free?

Such options are. One of the most common manicure at the training center. These institutions are trained and released into the light of future masters of manicure, nail extensions and nail-art. However, before you Shine a bright star on the horizon of nail service, future fairy-godparents need someone to train. For this training center and attracts models. To become such a “Guinea pig” can be anyone. To do this, simply make a call in the center and join the queue.
Правильный уход за ногтями на руках
The main advantage of such services is, of course, price. She or minimum or tends to zero. The second advantage, ironically, themselves novice master. They are very responsible and diligent approach to their work, sincerely wishing that the end result the client liked. However, this virtue flows gently and disadvantage, namely the duration of the procedure. It may take 1.5 hours, maybe all 4. Guys are not magicians, they are just learning. Well, as you know, in case of an unsuccessful outcome, claims no one will show. Rabbits do not remember.

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