французская косметикаFrench cosmetics is already a brand, so it is often new brands do not have to work for the recognition of their importance and expediency of stay in the market. It is not a historical coincidence, but the result of long and persistent promotion of French specialists in the field of cosmetology. People advancing time, offered its clients the latest tools. No wonder France called the birthplace of fashion and beauty – thanks to this title any cosmetics produced in this country, marked with the sign of quality.

Which brand comes to mind when it comes to the French cosmetics? Every woman he certainly his, and it depends on its lifestyle, from financial wealth. Some associate the French cosmetics with stamps from a segment of the mass market, while for others, it is first of all famous brands of pharmaceutical cosmetics with recognizable advertising имиджами or beauty salon, darling, and most of the dead. Selection of French cosmetics not just a wide and varied – it’s huge. If you want to go on the funds of producers of this country, you would think.


After all deserve it

французская косметика L’Oreal


Brand L’oreal can rightly be considered the forefather of the principle of the whole spectrum of modern democratic cosmetics available to absolutely everyone. This is the oldest French company, over time, grew up in a concern. Today L’oreal is the cosmetics for care and decorative facilities, stands out the line L’oreal Professionnel, which are produced professional products for hair. The concern is not one dozen other French brands, subsidiaries of L’oreal, but that’s another story. One of the most popular brands of this family – Garnier. This beauty is in great demand among young women who appreciate its low price and excellent quality.

Bourjois – French brand with more long history. It exists since 1863, and until recently, the company focused on the same decorative cosmetics. Now under this brand are produced aromatic shower gels, foam for baths, and other funds with inimitable and recognizable image. Style cosmetics Bourjois Paris embodies French charm, for it is he loved by several generations.


The elite unit

французская косметика Lancôme


Women, opting for yourself the high quality at a high price that they are not confused, cannot pass by representatives of the French cosmetics, this time of a class «Lux». Chanel, Dior, Guerlain and Lancôme embody the elegance and chic, all these brands also producing perfumes and first two occupy your elite niche in the field of fashion design. All this makes cosmetics data brands even more attractive, despite the fact that there are many other quality manufacturers.

Chanel love a woman of Mature age, because the brand’s extensive line for skin care after thirty years. Decorative devices of Chanel is a discreet elegance, sometimes romantic and playful but never vulgarity.

французская косметика Guerlain


Caring cosmetics Dior-known for its anti-aging lines, such as the legendary Capture. With the release of decorative art series-дирекора cosmetic branch turn to the history of the brand, for childhood memories of the Christian Dior. Thanks to this, often a mosaic of shadows or blush Dior evoke associations with flowering gardens.

Guerlain is experiments and novelty. Unlike Dior and Chanel with their passion with laconic packages unchanged black, Guerlain make funds available in their original formats, stylish cases, the charm of which is difficult to resist. Guerlain also produces ухаживающую and decorative cosmetics.

A keyword used to determine products Lancôme – sensuality. This cosmetics during the whole period of its existence emphasizes femininity and beauty, boldly shifting the emphasis from external to internal, singing emotionality women. Lancôme produces high-quality cosmetic line with the patented composition, aiming at a comprehensive and, of course, anti-aging skin care.

Salon cosmetics for professional care presents brands Caudalie, La Prairie, La Mer, Payot, Pierre Augé, ‘avene, Algologie, Beauty Med, Autrepart and other brands.


Beauty by mail

французская косметика Yves Rocher

Yves Rocher

Despite the fact that Chanel, Dior and other brands are the names of the people to their cosmetic «kitchen» these people had little or no relationship. But is inscribed cosmetics, which is created by a particular person, whose projects are worthy of approval and attention. The world’s most famous personal brand – Yves Rocher, who gave his inspirer of the Yves Rocher, who offered to women at first France and then all over the world using natural plant cosmetics at an affordable price.

Another representative of the French cosmetics, this time mainly anti-aging – Dr. Pierre Ricaud. These tools also spread through direct sales. This brand is positioned as the market leader in anti-aging cosmetics in France.


Thermal water – the essence of beauty in French

In any pharmacy find two French brand, which is familiar to all owners of problem skin. Vichy and La Roche Posay is a brand cosmetics which is created on the basis of the healing water from the thermal springs. Vichy exists since 1931, brand range is more broad and, as a caring medicinal and decorative cosmetics. The La Roche Posay its clientele, which differs from the one that acquires Vichy her buy girls who have гиперчувствительная skin, prone to rapid irritation.

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