You know, how did the French? By all means accentuate the feminine beauty, always been invented because of a pressing need, and a jacket proof. In the 80 years of the film industry of Hollywood was faced with a daunting task. Frequent change of styles of paintings made Actresses constantly change the color and shape of nails.

One of the Directors turned to the enterprising founder of the company “orly”, which was Jeff Pink, with a request to come up with universal varnish. This was the opening of a French manicure or French manicure, dated in 1978. Proposed Pink option was perfect, creating an image of perfection. Since the steel nails to give a natural look by applying on the regrown the tip of a white nail Polish. The rest of the plate was covered with a pale pink base.

Why is it so popular French?

The number of fans of French is increasing every year. This is due to the fact that this type of manicure is suitable for any style of dress. It does not distract the attention and complements the natural beauty of nails. The French manicure free part of the nail should be in length to three inches. There are two main colors — dark and light. The tip is covered with a light color, whereas the main part of the nail dark. You can use a template for the application.

No wonder that French is the wedding manicure. If you are planning to organize a wedding in Italy according to this source , the manicure can save money, because the classic French manicure you can do yourself.

Instruction to perform

To perform a French manicure, prepare the necessary tools.

  • Polishing batik;
  • Ordinary nail file;
  • Orange (tree) wand;
  • Any tool to remove the cuticle;
  • White lacquer;
  • Transparent pink or white lacquer.

The stages of

  • Remove the stains and disinfect hands.
  • The nails are sawed to the desired shape, being careful that the nail was not long.
  • Prepare the bath, add sea salt or a little lemon juice.
  • Dry your hands and at the base of the nail, spread gel on the cuticles for removal.
  • Cotton pad and massage your cuticles, trying to RUB means.
  • Orange (or box) with a stick push the cuticles to the base.
  • Polish the nail polishing bafikom.
  • Apply a base coat to the nail plate.
  • Nail tip white paint color, the shape should resemble a “smile”. Use the template, if not, gluing it on most of the nail and on the tip, apply white nail Polish.
  • When dry painted nail tip, cover the entire plate pink, transparent or white lacquer. More natural looks pink nail Polish.
  • At the final step, cover the nail plate fixer.

Important to know:

  • It is recommended to draw a “smile” on the tip of the nail, but at the base. Form of “smile” should be the same.
  • Depending on the shape of the nail pick up the base coat. On short nails look bad pink, transparent varnish, which visually makes them flat.
  • On short nails “Utyazhelitel” manicure additional accessories in the form of crystals, stones, pictures.

The French can be not only the traditional made of white and clear varnish, but also to combine different colors.

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