The name “peeling” is derived from the English verb “to peel”, which combines the concepts of “clear”, “skin” and “to exfoliate”. The main purpose of this procedure is peeling of the top layer of skin, which stimulates it to active regeneration. In order for you to hold this cosmetic procedure themselves, modern scientists have developed many scrubs and gels, conducting a comprehensive skin care and intensively moisturizing it.
Фруктовый пилинг для коррекции дефектов кожи1
The most popular in our time is peeling Gel on fruit acids to buy this tool can be incorporated in each of the famous line of cosmetic products. Such gels act on the skin are the most gentle and do not cause pain. No damaged updated and the living cells of the skin, therefore, not cause unpleasant local manifestations typical for other types of peeling: redness, point bleeding, swelling, etc., If, immediately after the procedure there is a slight redness, it lasts for hours.

Fruit acids is the second name alphahydroxy acids, which they have received due to the fact that the main source of them are the fruit. The greatest distribution in cosmetology is glycolic acid, produced from sugar cane. She now struggles with dead skin patches on the skin, and lactic acid is a good natural humidifier. Malic and tartaric acid significantly increase the elasticity of the skin and lemon perfectly stimulates the natural collagen formation. Best gel-exfoliating is the one, which combined all these elements.
Фруктовый пилинг для коррекции дефектов кожи3
Peeling with fruit acids effective for skin people of any age. Young people successfully copes with its help with acne have different origin, besides it is considerably smoothes the defects of the skin problem. Women aged 25-30 years it is used when hyperpigmentation of the skin and surface of post-acne changes. On the skin with a distinct age-related changes fruit peeling reduces wrinkles and making invisible minor, after the application of the normal work of the sebaceous glands and increases the level of skin moisture. Very useful fruit peels to combat excessive oiliness of the skin.

With traumatic changes and inflamed pustular skin lesions apply fruit peeling should not be.

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