фруктовый пилингFruit peeling is the true remedy for deep skin cleansing, skin rejuvenation and return the lost glow. Types of peels much, but it exfoliation fruit acids remains a procedure that has a small number of contraindications through careful effect on the skin. Atraumatic and the speed with which such peeling leads in the order of the skin, makes it the procedure number one problem, dull skin.

During one session the skin perfectly cleaned, but after the course you will feel that your face was transfigured. What’s nice is very small victims.


AHA peeling – a comprehensive solution

Fruit acids are also called ANA or alpha-hydroxy acids. These acids on the skin occurs on multiple levels (molecular, cellular and tissue. Thanks to the work AHA acids corneal layer of the skin becomes thicker, dense, elastic, healthy, and the epidermis on the contrary, thin, because it removes the top layer.

Fruit peeling effect on the skin very carefully but purposefully and efficiently. Acid in its basis break down the bonds of dead cells of the stratum corneum of the epidermis. Exfoliation this layer provokes active cell division basal layer of the epidermis, stimulating the activity of fibroblasts, which are responsible for the synthesis of collagen and elastin. The skin gets a second wind, but in addition to the removal of the stratum corneum and open the pores, that is, deep cleansing of the skin cells regenerate, increasing collagen-elastin fibers. The skin becomes elastic and radiant.


Diversity and properties of fruit acids

Fruit acids are many, but in cosmetology uses a small set that is considered standard and varies depending on the indications and skin characteristics of the client. This wine, milk, lemon, Apple, glycolic acid, which is combined in the formula peeling among themselves, or they are added to the other components, in particular, the most popular for problem skin salicylic beta acid, has a remarkable scrubbing properties. Fruit acids were previously only natural origin, that is, they were extracted entirely from fruit, but now some acid successfully synthesize.

Tartaric acid is produced from grapes, lemon – lemon and other citrus fruits. These acids cannot be synthesized and still retain its naturalness. Lactic acid, derived from milk, tomatoes, blueberries, grapes, apples, and maple syrup as glycolic acid, which can be found in sugar cane and green grapes, can be synthesized.

Wine, lemon and Apple acids have the formula, rich in antioxidants, which makes them desirable components for fruit peeling of the skin with the emerging age-related changes. Glycolic acid has a low molecular weight, allowing freely, unlike other, penetrates deeply into the skin, treats acne, but also successfully bleaches pigment spots, wrinkles and smoothes the skin relief. Glycolic acid with salicylic used to treat severe forms of acne.


Benefit of fruit peeling

Treatment of skin with fruit acids has a surface sparing effect on the skin, which requires deep beauty “shake-up”. Thanks to competent selection of components cosmetologist solves different problems, removing the patient from the recovery period. Fruit peeling removes the first signs of aging, fine lines and sagging, improves firmness and elasticity, gives the skin a healthy glow, has strong antibacterial effect, removes dead skin particles of the epidermis, cleanses pores, bleaches pigment spots, smoothes the signs of photoaging, smoothes small scars after acne and scars.

In General, the efficiency fruit peel depends not only on the applied acids, but also on their concentration. Peeling AHA acids can be done at home, you can buy tools with concentration of 5-10%. Professional beauticians can use acid at a concentration of 20% to 50%.


Peculiarities of fruit peeling

Peeling with fruit acids can be a single procedure for purifying and regenerating the skin. For removing scars, scars, hyperpigmentation and deeper wrinkles will need a course of five to seven sessions with an interval of several weeks. Contraindications to fruit peel is recent tan and the period of high solar activity, damage of the skin in place of the proposed treatment, high sensitivity to components of the substance for peeling, for example, allergic to citrus.

Fruit peeling usually bezboleznenno, but there may be a slight burning sensation, which normally tolerated. Usually right after the procedure, you can return to a normal rhythm of life, observing the simple rules of post-peeling care. They include an exception in the sun, swimming in a few weeks. Other features of care depends on the type of skin, the evidence and the fruit peel.

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