фруктовая гигиеническая помадаFruity chapstick and flavored lip balms – they are particularly fond of young girls. Some lipsticks smell and look so good that they literally want to eat. Actually a certain amount of fruit lip moisturizer still gets inside with food, whether it is harmful or fruit balms and lip quite harmless product?

The most hygienic lipsticks that are sold in stores contain synthetic ingredients, artificial fragrances and mineral oil. Unfortunately, the vast majority of sweet fruit and hygienic lipsticks and lip balms no fruit, no sugar is not in sight. Everything else in the composition of these popular with conditioning agents include parabens and technical oil or vaseline.

According to studies, one of fourteen cosmetic products contain petrolatum or vaseline, which is recognized by many experts as a potential threat to human health ingredient. Manufacturers of hygienic lipsticks and lip balms are also often criticized for their products can often be found parabens and oxybenzone, the latter absorbs ultraviolet light, but at the same time is considered to be carcinogenic component which could eventually even lead to the development of skin cancer.


Natural and organic hygienic fruit lipstick

The most safe and useful product, both in diet and in your purse, it’s a natural product or better yet organic. Moisturizing lip balm with a fruity smell and taste, with or without safe only when it consists of only natural ingredients. Especially dangerous synthetic and chemical ingredients in children’s hygiene lipsticks. Side effects of petroleum jelly is still not fully understood, but in some cases there is aggravation of the allergic reactions that trigger the occurrence of eczema and severe irritation.

The hygienic range of fruit flavored lipsticks and lip balms wide enough, often the selection of the optimal solution results in a matter of trial and error, you spend your time and money. What can you do? If you are unable to pick up chapstick or you with a certain degree of negativity about synthetic ingredients and artificial flavorings, try to prepare your own lip balm from natural ingredients. Actually it is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. For the basics of homemade balsa lip you will need beeswax or coconut oil, as flavoring used essential oils or fruit essences. If you wish, you can even make a balm with a certain shade.


Lipstick cocoa butter

  • two tablespoons of coconut oil;
  • tablespoon of beeswax;
  • tablespoon Shea butter or cocoa butter.

Melt coconut oil, beeswax and Shea butter or cocoa butter in a water bath, constantly stirring the mixture until it becomes homogeneous structure. Watch carefully so that the container is not exposed to water. After oil and the wax dissolved, for flavor, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil. This can be lemon, vanilla, mint, or any other aromatic oil to your taste. Using the funnel, pour the mixture on the prepared containers and let it cool.

If you want to make lip balm with a semi-permanent effect, for example, with a red tint, add in the basis of one-eighth of a teaspoon of powder of dried beets or one drop of red food coloring. To give a homemade balm brownish tone or tan add in ready balm a quarter tablespoons organic cocoa powder, a pinch of cinnamon or turmeric.


Lip balm with rose flavour

  • the eighth part of a Cup of coconut oil;
  • a quarter Cup of beeswax;
  • the eighth part of a Cup of Shea butter;
  • teaspoon coconut extract or vanilla;
  • a quarter Cup of rose petals (fresh or dried);
  • a teaspoon of sweet almond oil.

Measure the you need the quantity of the ingredients and mix them in a small saucepan. Heat the mixture on a water bath or low heat until everything has dissolved. If you like, the resulting mixture can be strained to remove the rose petals, but you can leave them. Pour the balm into a clean container, after two or three hours, when the balm to cool completely and harden, it can be used.


Mint lip balm

  • eight drops of oil of peppermint;
  • two tablespoons of base oil (better to take almond);
  • tablespoon of beeswax;
  • glass pipette;
  • glass jar;
  • containers.

Tablespoon beeswax heat in a closed glass container in a water bath. Heat until the wax is completely dissolved. After the wax has dissolved, stir well the mixture. Using a pipette, add peppermint essential oil (don’t overdo it, otherwise the lips will sting). If you need a light touch, add in cooked balm crumbs lipstick and stir well to dissolve. Then quickly pour balm container and leave until the balm cools and hardens.


Mint chocolate lip balm gloss

  • a teaspoon of coconut oil;
  • teaspoon natural almond oil;
  • teaspoon of cocoa butter;
  • three to four drops of vitamin E oil;
  • one or two drops of peppermint extract;
  • three or four semi-sweet chocolate “coins”.

Put all the ingredients in a heatproof container and heat the mixture on a water bath. A small spoon or spatula stir the mixture until all the ingredients have dissolved and you will not get a uniform consistency. Typically, it takes about five minutes. Pour the mixture into a sterile container, let it cool at room temperature until the balm is solid. This homemade lip balm to carry in your purse or store in the fridge. In the intense heat of a homemade balm can melt, so don’t take it with you to the beach or place near things that may stain. Lip balm, hand made, can be stored up to two months.

Fruity and aromatic lip balms, prepared or made by yourself, not only caring for the sensitive skin of the lips, but also uplifting. Do not deny yourself the pleasure of being beautiful and happy.

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