цвет фуксии в одеждеShade of fuchsia popular among young girls and Mature women, it is worn in clothing and accessories, and how I love him the designers of the fashion houses each season to watch on the world podium. Fuchsia clothing you need to wear and match, otherwise there is a risk to create an image in poor taste, down to the cheap and vulgar style, which does not paint a single girl and especially the older women.


The hue of youth

It is believed that the pink shade which is fuchsia) – is definitely a color of youth, adolescence, and after hormonal teenage boom will end, you need to calm shades, trying to style comfort. On the one hand, fair comment and having the right to life. On the other hand, is not so clear, especially in the modern fashion, in which optionally can be adapted to almost any color, including it to the wardrobe very carefully complementing other shades, which helps to reduce the brightness and make a harmonious color Duo.

Fuchsia is a very bright color, and if you have any doubt that the clothes of this color will look appropriate, try not to place it in person, where all the attention will be drawn to him. Choose a skirt or pants this color is so much safer. But in General, always use the your color type, he will tell you whether you should wear a fuchsia dress or it is better to pay attention to more muted shades.


Suitable for fuchsia

  • Shade of fuchsia clothing perfect for brunettes with dark skin. On fair-skinned brunettes winter color type, that is, with porcelain skin and blue black hair, he also can look fine, but if you find the right saturation, and don’t overdo it with the amount of things. Fully clothed in the garments shade of fuchsia maybe even the girl he’s going to turn into a tasteless Barbie doll.
  • The brunette with olive skin type Jennifer Lopez also may be suitable clothes in color fuchsia, but in this case it is necessary to choose less stunning shades, not too cold, close to the classic pink on the border with coral. In this case it is better to do fabrics matte, silky without and, especially, satin luster, typical dresses for prom.
цвет фуксии в одежде Блейк Лайвли

Blake Lively

  • Blondes can come up fuchsia matte dress for a special occasion, if the shade is carefully selected. Example Blake lively, which, being cold blonde, chose a dress of saturated cold shade of fuchsia and looked great.
  • Another secular style actress was also based on a bustier dress in neon shade of fuchsia. And again she looked perfectly thanks tanned skin.
  • Other blondes from fuchsia should refrain at all or use it very sparingly. A good example Gwyneth Paltrow, the typical owner of spring color type appearance. All I remember of her pale pink dress, in which the actress received an Oscar – such shades, soft, gentle, noble, restrained, fit her appearance. In 2013 Ball Costume Institute Paltrow, clothed in a long dress with a train long-sleeved bright shade of fuchsia. And this dress is completely “absorbed”by diverting attention from the perfect shape of a star and her face.


Cocktail dresses and prom dresses

If you can not wait to put on something in the shade of fuchsia, but you are in doubt about the correct combination, you can be sure that cocktail party or prom best cases for dresses with a hint of fuchsia. Girls finishing school or University, can easily choose the dress of this color – designers each season produce such dresses in a huge number. The secret of popularity of fuchsia for special occasions in his self-sufficiency. You don’t need to ponder the cut and design of dresses, just stay on this shade, and even a simple model-the case will attract everyone’s attention.

Dress-fuchsia prom can be both matte and satin, it is always advantageous to look at young girls models bustier and asymmetric variants of the bodice with one shoulder strap or dresses retro fitted silhouette. As decorative elements for this kind of dress will suit silver fringe or elegant flower decoration on the waist or shoulder.

For cocktail parties is better to choose a simple dress in a shade of fuchsia, matte or with a small silky radiance. You can stay in a retro dress sixties style or model with skirt bell and black belt in iconic dress from Oscar dela Renta.

To any dress fuchsia should choose shoes calm shade – light pink, beige, light coral or classic black. You can choose neutral shoes with a combination of colors, with gasoline stains, with a snake print, but the colors should not argue with the dress.


Kits with fuscia

For everyday style, street image, you should choose one item of clothing in the color fuchsia, which is combined with other colors, neutral or gently supporting it. Bright, fresh and elegant look on the young girls simply jacket fuchsia. It can be worn on summer sheath dress white or black color, solid color jumpsuit, a simple plain t-shirt with blue jeans.

Skirt fuchsia, short or long, the floor is perfectly combined with simple direct top black, white or gray. If you want to experience the trend of color blocking with a combination of bright contrasting shades, try the following combinations:

  • skirt-fuchsia, turquoise halter top (top possible leather leather jacket, black or white simple jacket);
  • skirt or pants-fuchsia with orange top or jacket;
  • blouse-fuchsia trousers Royal blue;
  • long double-breasted jacket-fuchsia with orange dress-case;
  • spacious top with thin spaghetti straps in color fuchsia with green color, flowing long skirt to the floor.

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