меховые пальто 2014 Alexander TerekhovCoat of fur and fur items is an integral part of fashion for the cold season. With each new season that certainty undergo more changes. Fur coat 2014 is a model that designers offer to wear not only cold, but in the cool weather, without making allowances for the thickness of the pile. The beauty and originality to the fore, outer clothing from fur of different colors wins the hearts of more and more women. No matter, he or natural artificial.


Colored fur coat

Two or three seasons ago podiums began to rapidly gain coat of colored fur. They were of different sizes, with long thick fur or with short hair-cut, but he could not stay unnoticed because of its color. In 2014, the trend continues, but tends to be more natural. Couturier gradually abandon extremely bright acid colors, emerald or ink-violet, preferring tone natural or deep. In fashion dark blue fur coat, rich Burgundy, dark emerald. These colors make it a piece of clothing to keep away from the youth style and fit into the image of an elegant woman, who prefers understated luxury, without sacrificing the presence of light.


Coat short fur

меховые пальто 2014 Orla_Kiely

Orla Kiely

меховые пальто 2014 Jason Wu

Jason Wu

This model is very convenient in everyday wear, they can easily fit in any way, not rushing into the eyes of fur that can be completely invisible without careful consideration. Such models are released and Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior – already for the names to judge the relevance of the trend. The most common pattern of such coat in the style of the sixties. Thick short fur, certainly plain, in these coat is perfectly combined with a wide trapezoidal cut and spacious shorter sleeves to the elbow or three-quarter length, which requires the presence of long leather or velvet gloves in a contrasting color.


Striped fur coat

The strip was the clearest trend in 2012, continued its influence in 2013 to 2014 to return again to perpetuate their influence on the things that are in the past seasons have not got. Such brands as J.Mendel, Gucci, Viktor&Rolf and other fashion house presented to public a fur coat black and white pattern in the transverse black and white stripes. In their lukbuki or podium images most designers who showed such style coat, preferred not to go beyond a black-and-white interior, so the rest of the details of the costume had some other color.

меховые пальто 2014 J.Mendel


меховые пальто 2014 Gucci


The combination of black and white appeared in other grades, but in other, more traditional garments, interpretations. Some brands, including Chloe, showed black and white coat as fully fur, so drab model with a fur collar and sleeves. Mark Givenchy, keeping their own design tradition, showed colored striped fur coat in the transverse stripes.


Coat faux fur

меховые пальто 2014 Marni


меховые пальто 2014 21


Every year an increasing number of fashion houses adjacent to extensive a cohort of professionals working for environmentally friendly fashion and gradual replacement of artificial fur. In 2014 it is obvious that the trend is to underline the artificiality of fur greatly exceeds the desire of many couturiers at any began to imitate her. Perhaps such a straightforward way the representatives of the fashion industry are trying to instill the cult of eco-fashion, demonstrating how may look trivial things. For example, mark N. 21 released a pink coat classic cut from artificial fur, which can easily find admirers among the young generation fashionistas.


Fur short coats and jackets

Less than length, the more you can adapt this item outerwear to different images, and the easier it is to carry. Especially if it’s a fur coat that requires careful handling and little suitable to be worn every day, for instance in public transport. Short model that can be called fur short coats or jackets, produce a sufficient number of designers to talk about this as a trend.

меховые пальто 2014 Emilio Pucci

Emilio Pucci

меховые пальто 2014 Gucci


Gucci continues to choose a bold style, which is more suitable for young followers of fashion pret-a-porter. His short model with hyperonym fur look spherical, therefore suitable for wearing with narrow trousers. This concise alien Burberry Prorsum, whose fur short coats made in the style that represents a successful interpretation of sports and casual. Due to the dark color and the presence of artificial fur, the British brand is a collection of very practical fur short coats.


Colored fur coat with prints

меховые пальто 2014 BCBG Max Azria

BCBG Max Azria

меховые пальто 2014 Prada


This is one of the major innovations of 2014. The connection of different colors in a fur product as a whole is not unusual move, but imitation patterned fabric in a fur coat is something we have not seen. Absolute trendsetter here Prada, which released a weird collection spring-summer of 2014, which includes unusual coat, including fur on the front of which depicts a woman’s face. These coats are already appreciated the “iron lady” fashion Anna Wintour, which appeared in Prada on one of the social events.

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